Frequently Asked Questions about our Irish Family Cooking Club.

How does the platform work for adults?

You log into your profile. Choose your meals and add them to the weekly meal plan. Click on the ingredients to make a shopping list. All our recipes have simple step-by-step videos.

How do I search for the recipes?

You can use the search bar or filter the recipes by our ingredient icons; chicken, fish, vegetarian, kids in the kitchen etc.

How much does the subscription cost?

A 1-month subscription is €9.99 a month. A 3-month subscription is €24.99 and a yearly subscription is €99.99.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending me an email to [email protected].

Are the kid’s classes included in my membership?


Are the classes recorded?

I understand we all have lots of work, social commitments and plans can change at short notice, but the recipes and videos for the club are uploaded to the member’s area for you to watch any time if you can’t make the live sessions. Your kids won’t miss out on any interaction as they can still message us and ask questions.

Do we get the ingredient list beforehand to prep?

Yes. Each week, the recipes are added to the members’ area on the Thursday before the following weeks Tuesday class.

What if my kids are fussy eaters?

I have worked with hundreds of fussy eaters over the years. Cooking really does helps because it’s a sensory experience with no pressure to try what they make. They will surprise you and if they don’t like what they cook, I always say you don’t like it today. Our taste buds are growing all the time and maybe you might like it next time. Our classes have helped so many fussy eaters.

I am worried about safety in the kitchen!

I have over 20 years of experience teaching kids from 4 upwards. There is always a way to teach your kids to be safe in the kitchen. All the utensils we use are age-appropriate. We have lots of little tips and tricks up our sleeves.