Your mothers top ten rules to live by

Hey lovelies,

Yesterday My long awaited book cookbook arrived and I got to hold it in my hands for the first time.

It felt amazing, (I’m actually still pinching myself ❤️)

I  honestly should be doing a blog post on getting it out there!

But all too often we forget to live in the moment, celebrate the successes in life.

We are too busy moving on to the next stage..

Not this time

Today I’m breathing in and celebrating a dream come true.

So instead of the hard sell,  I wanted to write a letter to my girlie,

Hopefully one day she will find some wisdom in it and pass it on.  

Lils this one is for you x

(and whoever else finds something in it)

Jolene x x x

Your mothers top ten rules to live by

1, If you have a good idea that you believe in and are passionate about don’t take no for an answer.

Bang on all the doors,  twice.  Never think you don’t deserve an answer because of wealth or stature. It only takes one person to say yes and believe in you..

2, Work hard and never complain that you have nothing if you don’t work for it. Yes it’s constant, yes it’s long hours but nothing will ever land at your feet.

3, Stay away from the negative,

I know we all get down, my god I have!  With so many unanswered emails and doors slammed, but all they taught me that I wasn’t ready.

Not that I wasn’t good enough, just not ready at that time.

I’ve had the eye rolls when starting off, smile graciously and keep going.

You are good enough.

4, Sease the moment, as soon as you get the YES you’ve been waiting for, work your ass off and take a chance “example.. Jolene we are giving you a book deal, we don’t have a budget for a photographer.. can you do it? YES, its ok to have the doubts and to be nervous..

If you weren’t nervous it wouldn’t be worth doing.   

5, Treat the shop assistant the very same way as the CEO! With manners, respect, and warmth. If you’re invited to a fancy party you deserve to be there, know your worth girlie and smile.

6, Get to where you want to go with honesty and integrity!  Help others when you can and don’t try to hinder anyone else on their journey.. you don’t know the path they’ve walked to get were they are.

7, Never measure success with how much money you have in the bank,  or by how many friends you have around you when you reach the top. Do it by, how you treat the less fortunate And by how many friends you have around when you need them.

8, If you can be anything in this life “be kind”

9, Don’t put people into boxes.. Men, women, race, religion, rich, poor.. There is good people and bad people everywhere.. Go find the good.

10, A good night’s sleep makes everything feel better, It might not cure it but you,ll feel better

 Lil,s my girl, You can talk to me about anything, call me any time!  tell me ANYTHING (I don’t shock) !! I am always here .. I will do what I can to help, especially if you,ve lived by number 8 

I love you my girlie..

Go spread your sparkle  

Mammy ❤️ x

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