what I’m thinking during spin class

The 9.00 am spin class every week was such a great idea at the time.  I have actually talked myself out of this class in my sleep, the night before I physically go, I love it that much.

so here’s exactly  I’m what I’m thinking while I do it….

Instructor blows his whistle and roars let’s go  

9:00 am  I get on the bike and try my best to clip my feet into the death-defying peddle clips, pretending to know what I’m doing, the instructor spots me and helps clip me in..

I’m thinking ‘no fast getaway I,m a hostage foot cuffed and going nowhere ‘

9:01 am start cycling

thinking ‘sure it all will be over in no time’ 

9.05 am still cycling

‘ Jesus why am I doing this to myself’

9.08 am Instructors  blows whistle, and shouts ‘ up the hill’

‘up the hill, you mean I wasn’t already up the hill ‘

9.10 am’ I wonder how many calories I’ve burned ‘

9.11 am’ I’m never doing this to myself again, I’m going to die, actually die!!

9.12 am  instructor (blasting Katy Perry firework) shouts AND SPRINT

‘You, re having a laugh’

blaring ‘do you ever feel like a plastic bag’

‘YES, exactly like a plastic bag, over my head, I can’t bloody breath ‘

9.15 am ‘I wonder what to cook for lunch’

9.16 am ‘ ah come on!!!  why is there no clock in here, that has to be it, nearly over ‘

9.17 am instructor, FEEL THE BURN

‘I feel the burn alright, my thighs feel like they, re blinking scalded’

9.20 am ‘ah now here!!! it has nearly to be over ‘

9.25 am ‘ the only reason they honestly cuff your feet in, is to keep you here, I would get off this bike right now if I could ‘

9.30am ‘ water, I need water, crap my water is in my bloody bag with my towel, my feet are cuffed,

9.31 am  ‘I’m dripping wet I need my towel’ 

9.35 am ‘ maybe I should go for lunch, sure treat myself I deserve it ‘

9.40 am ‘has time stopped seriously? ‘

9.45 am instructor blows whistle and roars ‘ THATS IT GUYS WELL DONE!!!

‘god that just flew in, it wasn’t too bad ‘

I message every whats app group I’m in … IVE just done a spin class,  it’s 9.45 what are you guys up too?

bumps into postman on the way home, hey,  I’m just back from my spin class,

roll on next week sure I’m just great


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