My Top ten tips from Bloggerconf 2016

So today I headed to the Marker hotel in the city centre to attend the Bloggerconf 2016… I’m always a wee bit apprehensive dublinattending these type of events.  That’s me thinking I’m “small fry” compared to other bloggers, it’s the small town girl inside of me (I’m singing journey, in my head now are you?) I always feel like I’ve blagged my way in and  fear of the  beauty and fashion bloggers clocking me in my Aware coat, that I’ve  had for over 4 years (Yes Awear remember them) , or  food bloggers judging the simplicity of my recipes..or not even knowing some of the bigger bloggers when I get there, ah the list goes on and on..

Alas, today I was pleasantly surprised!  I met so many genuine talented bloggers  that were really helpful and willing to pass on their knowledge, some of them even knew who I was (ahem Caitriona Redmond  ) So here are my top ten tips I took from today, for anyone who couldn’t make it, I hope you get something here. 

1,  Know your Niche (I know it’s been said over and over again), especially  when working with brands. If you want to pitch an idea to a brand, let them know what you can to for them. Don’t just say you would like to work together, think of an idea, something special and pitch it to them, be different,  use your unique selling point, know what you can do for the brand, within your niche. (Anouska Proetta Brandon)

2,Be Engaging… it doesn’t matter how many followers you have.. you don’t need millions, you just ned to engage with the ones you have.. start discussions, make your facebook pages/ twitter accounts a fun place for people to engage..  (Oonagh o Hagan)

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3,  Be clever, be different and always go back to your blog.. social media platforms change all the time look at Bebo and Myspace (gone),  don’t invest everything into social media .. your blog is your space on the web, invest in that.. (Kirstie mc Dermott)

4, Play to the strengths of the camera, You don’t need the most expensive piece of kit.. work with what you have,  (Eleanor Mannion who shot a whole documentary for RTE on her smartphone)

5, Choose what you share with your followers. Know the true cost of sharing too much. (Anne-Marie Tomchak)

6, When you feel like giving up. in your darkest hours of blogging.  Believe in yourself, When you can’t find  belief. Just watch this. It’s the Jim Henson farewell tribute from the muppets ( Daragh Doyle )  … 

7, Show your personality! let it shine through  your blog and social media it’s what makes you unique (Lauras views) 

8,When taking photographs remember these vitals, lighting, background, A steady hand, don’t over process ,have a focal point, and a great photo editing app like snap seed  ( Val Robus)

9, look into the Slow blogging movement.. (I love this one) You can feel like a hamster on a wheel when you’re constantly blogging.  All your effort can go promoting the post  on social media, leaving your friends and family and your mental health suffering. The slow blogging movement is all about working on your content, making sure every blog post is something you’re proud of, instead of churning out one after another .. ( Caitriona Redmond )

10, Work on great content, (just like the slow blogging movement)  it’s what important not the social media stuff, I know it’s been said a million times but content is key (Content Academy)

and here’s one I,ll throw in myself… always remember why you’re doing it in the first place…

Is there any you would add guys. I’d love to hear from you x




7 thoughts on “My Top ten tips from Bloggerconf 2016

  1. Jolene, I love stitting down to read your blog with a cup of tea in the evening. When I’m at work and I check my personal email and see that one yummy mummy has a new post, I think great, that’s my evening reading sorted. I do think maybe as a blogger you may think ‘is anybody reading my posts’, maybe you don’t get comments to all your posts or feedback but rest assured, they are, and your recipes are tried and tested in our household.
    Following on from your final words of inspiration… remember why you’re doing it. So when you get to that stage, think of the other mummies, waiting on that post from one Yummy Mummy for their Inspiration. Mummy out! Xo

    • ah thanks so much Caroline.. thats reassuring to hear there,s another Yummy mummy out there reading… other bloggers comment usually comment on bloggers posts.. its the real people that read them and thats the important thing x x

  2. I wasn’t at the conference, Jolene but it sounds as if it was great. Definitely something I would love to go to in the future – but if you think YOU’RE small-fry then I don’t know what the heck I would be! Haha. Thanks for this great list of tips. Lots of food for thought there. 🙂

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