The perfect movie night in with DFS

It’s the highlight of our week Saturday night, movie night…..  

A time when we let the stresses and strains of the working week erase with tasty food, a family movie and a snuggle on the sofa.

The sofa is the heart of the home. It’s what you’re dreaming of after a hard day’s work as it takes the weight of the world off your feet.

It’s where you put your child when they, re sick or feeling poorly. It takes a battering and plenty of abuse in any busy family home.

Our old sofa practically fell apart, in the end, as I didn’t do my research when buying it.

So when it came to getting a new one, I was going to do a bit of digging and investigating to make sure I was getting the right one for us.

In the past, I’ve always gone for a leather suite as we have a dog that sheds and our house is always buzzing with kids. But this time I wanted to go with style as well as durability. 

When investigating I discovered All DFS sofas have the quality kite mark and are the only manufacturer in Ireland and the uk to have this.

To achieve the new Kitemark certification for upholstered furniture, all DFS’ own factories and suppliers have undergone rigorous assessment from BSI, focusing on the product frames, mechanisms, and fabrics, as well as factory production control. To guarantee the highest standards, each and every DFS sofa range was put through its paces; undergoing up to 23 separate tests withstanding loads of up to 100kg to measure its strength and durability

This basically means to us as a family the sofa will be around for many movie nights to come!

The soft fabric is not only resilient it’s stunningly stylish and comfortable.  I’ve always wanted something a bit different but because of lils and banjo,( the dog), I thought leather would be more durable.

When I investigated further, I discovered there was no reason I couldn’t just go with my dream sofa this time. (you can  see it on the DFS website  here )

A huge tip when buying fabric upholstery is spraying the whole fabric with Scotchgard, it gives the fabric a shield and any spills and stains can be just wiped 

The perfect Movie Night food

The Food is a huge part of movie night here and I asked over in our home cooks Ireland Facebook group what was your favorite movie night food?

 Takeaways treats, and a few fizzy drinks was a popular choice ( well it is treat night after all.)

A few of you guys love homemade tacos and nachos.

Our family favorites are my homemade thin and crispy pizza, my southern style chicken, cheesy garlic bread and toffee popcorn.

My toffee popcorn gives any movie night feast the edge and is so simple to make.

Just melt 2 tablespoons of margarine with 100g milk chocolate and 2 tablespoons of golden syrup in a saucepan over a low heat until it’s all combined and drizzle it over your favourite microwaveable or freshly popped salted popcorn! Magic (keep the baby wipes handy for any sticky hands, but it will all wipe off if you, ve used my Scotchgard tip !)

So now I’ve got the perfect setting and the food is right, whats the hardest job?

Picking the movie! (just as much research goes into that one  eh)

The most important part tho?  All the Snuggles and the lasting memories as a family x


Disclosure: My New Sofa was gifted From DFS, I thoroughly researched the standard and quality and all opinions are my own as always.   

Thank you for supporting me, my blog and the brands I choose to collaborate with

Jolene x

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  1. LOVE the sofa!!! And the delicious spread. We too have a DFS sofa and it is just AMAZING. We will definently return for the next one. Sofa snuggles are the best and that picnic spread is just AMAZING xx

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