The Meaning of Christmas with Netflix

December has arrived, the decorations have made it down from the attic and are getting dusted off. That cheeky elf isthe-meaning-of-christmas-with-netflix channeling its inner Sia and back swinging on the  chandler. The shops are getting busy, the  ques are back, the parking is non-existent, the madness has well and truly set  in. If your head is in a spin trying to find a “Hatchimal”,  or the smalies have changed their Santa list a million times, take a deep breath, pour yourself a glass of baileys, put your feet up and remember the true meaning of Christmas with Netflix.


Christmas is Spending time with the family, Playing  a board game, or a game of charades, if that gets a bit download-3over competitive, and starts looking like a Conor McGregor, fight on the living room mat. Just flick on the telly box … Netflix is  streaming “The Royle Family Christmas special 2000 this year”!  Nothing puts a  bigger smile on your face, knowing your not the only dysfunctional family out there. In this episode, we get to meet the Royals flash future  in-laws, who happen to be vegetarians, which leaves Barbara wondering “what to cook a vegetarian at Christmas?”  leading to some  hilarious gags .


The gift of sharing, That’s what Netflix is all about, nothing gives you a bigger buzz than sharing your favourite box set with someone who hasn’t seen any of it yet. The suspense of the reaction it’s going to get. I’m looking forward to bingeing on Orange is the new black with my sister and The crown with my mother this year. unnamed-1

No Advertisements

Nothing crushes my stuffing balls like a sofa sale advertisement on Christmas day!!! It’s like shouting ,Christmas is over!  put down that turkey leg, and get out and spend more  money. Skip the ads with Netflix and keep the Christmas spirit alive a little longer.


I believe,   One of our new favourite Santa movies is  Arthur Christmas. How CAN Santa deliver billions of presents to the whole world in just one night? With an army of one million combat-style  Elves and a state-of-the-art control centre, that’s how. Arthur Christmas if you haven’t seen it yet, is a future  Christmas classic!arther-christmas

 Stockings hung by the fireplace

No fireplace? no worries you can now listen to the relaxing sounds of a real fire while watching the wood burn, on Netflix. With “the slow TV” national firewood night. Have it on in the background while you open your presents on Christmas morning for a maximum festivity effect.

 Christmas cheer

We all love a good laugh at Christmas,  have the giggles  on tap with all the old classics like Only fools and horses,  Faulty towers and The office, all streaming this Christmas on Netflix. Now you can pick out your favourite episodes or binge watch at your leisure,  with a nice glass of snowball.


What’s the ultimate gift of giving? Handing over the remote control!! Go on show, a loved one how much you love them this Christmas.


Can I just say like the sofa ads,  You know what turns me into a Grinch at Christmas? Diet ads, !!! Come on, in the words of Noddy Holder, ” ITS Christmas!”  and its  all about good food. So pick up some tips from the chef’s table and boycott the ads this year. Let’s enjoy Christmas without the food guilts.

 Time for yourselfgilmoregirls-movie-night

Get into your pj’s, pour yourself a large glass of your favourite tipple and binge watch. I haven’t seen Gilmore girls yet, so this Christmas it’s going to get the Netflix and chill treatment, a little present to Myself, from Myself.

For the kids

Get the  turkey basted and Brussels sprouts on in peace! There are loads for the kids to watch on Netflix kids (it’s their very own section dedicated to them) all the favorites  are in there like Peppa, Blaze , Ben and Holly and Paw Patrol, topped with some amazing Netflix originals  like Beat bugs, Word party and Story bots, (just to name a few). So mam and dad can crack open the prosecco and get the spuds peeled without any interruptions .


Not forgetting Jesus, it is his birthday after all!!! Watch the true mean of Christmas on Netflix with the passion of the Christ, The son of god and The Bible, also for the kids there is, Joseph king of dreams and the Prince of Egypt.

So there you have it the true meaning of Christmas with Netflix…. have I missed anything out?

whats the true meaning of Christmas for you…

As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam I received an Apple TV and a year’s subscription. 

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  1. I am loving these picks because YES! especially the royal family, I used to love watching that. I can’t wait to see Arthur Christmas… I’ve not seen it yet but this is the year! And definetly NO ADVERTS is a big bonus.

    Jordanne ||

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