The Easter Egg

It was Easter 1984, I was in my first year of primary school. 
My teacher announced that we were having a raffle at the end of the week for a buttons Easter egg 
Tickets were 10p each
This was a time when the smell of an Easter egg was so rich and chocolatey that it would waft through the foil, plastic, and box, 
If willy Wonka wore aftershave, that’s what he would smell of. 
A time when you cracked open an easter egg it would be filled with chocolate buttons to the brim. 
If you were 5 in 1984 a Cadbury buttons Easter egg raffle was something that could take over your life a little 
So I bought a ticket and prayed.. 
To holy God, because he died on Easter and I was dying for that egg, he would understand, he would know how much I needed it in my life
I thought about it day and night, the crackle of opening the foil, the smell, and all the buttons inside .. 
So the day of the raffle came, I was feeling a bit nervous
This was the stuff of dreams ..
All the prayers were answered and my ticket got pulled out (visualize that part in slow motion) 
I remember coming skipping down my hill to my house singing ” I won the Easter egg”
I could practically taste it
I came bursting in the door with it under my arm like a prize hen 
My mother just stood and listened.
Her reply? ” Just give me that egg and we,ll put it away until Easter!
Easter was another 2 bloody weeks away 
They were the longest 2-week s of my life 
But my god did I enjoy that egg 

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