My stay at Radisson Blu St. Helen’s

So all the maternity and Infant awards had been handed out, the tables were cleared and it was time to call it a night.

yeah right! It was like 10 o clock.

We are Mammys! We don’t get out much, we were ready for the session.

With my blogging besties Cuddle fairyMama-tude and my award under my arm, we hailed a taxi and headed to the luxury surroundings of the Radisssion blu St Helens.

From the moment we arrived, we received the 5-star treatment.

Upon opening the door of the business suite, we were greeted with a stunning plate of goodies.

Mine had “one yummy mummy”  penned in chocolate sauce, with a bottle of prosecco beside it (oooh don’t mind if it do)

Photo from cuddle fairy,s Instagram

We popped the cork, kicked off the heels and ordered room service. A proper girlie night with the best company ever. Chatting and giggling to the wee small hours.  Mama-tude Jen is a mum of 7 and just finished her first parenting book (get it here) She was filling us in on her amazing past few weeks.

What do mammy’s chat about on a night away from the kids?

The kids

it was getting late and finally, time for bed and I rolled into the comfiest hotel bed I have ever slept in. (like Goldilocks not too hard and not too soft) And didn’t snore my head off (I swear)

It wasn’t until I woke the next morning.  I could truly appreciate my surroundings at the Radission blu. The hotel is housed in a beautiful, historic estate.  Our balcony overlooked the stunning gardens of the estate. I felt like a princess and took a few moments just to soak in all in.

I may have shed a tear, counting all my blessings.

Now, Time for breakfast my favorite part of a hotel stay.

because I drank my body weight in wine the night before. The only cure was calling me.

A full Irish. 

The breakfast buffy had everything under the sun I needed for soakage.

But don’t take my word for it, Becky has it all recorded and documented over on her you tube channel

She has such a talent for capturing the whole mood of the moment.

I relived the day by watching the video over and over again and again. Full credit to The cuddle fairy.

She is such an inspiring person, I’m so lucky I get to call her a friend.

The Radisson Blu St Helens Dublin is just the most stunning hotel.   the balcony overlooking their beautifully manicured gardens in the business suite is breathtaking.  Our room was just gorgeous and the bed was so comfortable. I would give the breakfast  10/10 it was hot, fresh and there was so much choice. The staff were pleasant professional and friendly at all times. It would come highly recommended as a special treat for a birthday treat. (hint hint) You can keep an eye out for deals here

I will definitely be back



Disclosure: I was very kindly a guest of the Radisson Blu St Helen’s but all opinions, as always, are my own.  The feature image is courtesy of the Radisson Blu St Helen’s.

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