Starting school

Last week was the first week at big school.
Such a huge milestone

It went better than I could EVER imagine.
You’ve been counting the days down and marking them off on your blackboard in your room.
Wanting to try on your uniform and show it off to anyone who comes to visit.
On the first day you hugged and kissed me and waved me out the door,
you shouted back
I’ll see you later mammy!!
But today was different,
it’s a Tuesday and day 5..
You got into your line and kept looking back trying to find me
I smiled and waved with encouragement blowing a kiss, nodding that you’re doing great.
As the line was walking in you ran over for one final hug
Looking at me through glassy eyes whispering I’m going to really miss you, mammy ..
I told you won’t have time to miss me
You,ll be so busy having fun ( smiling as hard as I could)
One last hug and off you went
My heart is sore
You look so tiny,
Trying your best to stand tall.
You,re dying to make friends

But everyone else is finding their way too
You’ll find each other

I have to stand back just this once
It’s all going to take a little time my girlie

To be continued …….
Jolene ❤️

10 thoughts on “Starting school

  1. Had the very same this morning with my little man. I think reality is setting in. Poor little loves. Better not tell them that this is it for at least the next fourteen years of their lives

  2. OMG… roaring here (and I’m in a public waiting room.. morto) reading this post. I’m in exactly the same boat, my heart is broken. Hopefully every day is a bit better for them. X

    • Ah Mary ❤️ huge hugs … You know I kind felt silly even writing the post, but we are all in it together .. they will find there way X ❤

  3. Oh Angel…. I’ve only just read this…I k ow how hard it is , but they do settle in , hope this morning goes a bit better for all of you xxxx

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