The siege of Jadotville (mummy at a premier) yikes

Just to set the scene , I’m going to start this post with a chat with my 16-year-old self…

Hey 16 year old me …. “whassup  “jamie-doran-one-yummy-mummy-6

Do you know your going to attend a movie premiere in Dublin, in 20 years time, and will  meet Jamie Doran   (he hasn’t been born probably) but he,s the hottest thing on two legs at the min….  all because you write a “blog”…

What’s a blog????

16 year old me.. has a lot in common with my friends.. family and pretty much most people I meet on a day to day basis. They are all trying to figure what a blog is …. and to be honest, I’m still winging it…

On Monday night there gone, I got invited to the movie premiere of  “The siege of Jadotville”, A new Netflix Irish movie led by Jamie Doran ..  I decided to bring my 16-year-old self… (I take her everywhere…. huge “takethat” scream) for good measure I invited  my big sister who decided to bring her ” mammy on a hen night” self..

We both met in town, and wondered if we were dressed up enough for the premier…. and maybe we should pick up something in penny’s and get changed… after telling each other nooo… “your gorgeous”  no your gorgeous for around 10 minutes… we quickly agreed sure who’d be looking at us anyway?, and made our way over the road to the savoy…

14390702_10153725009016097_4437467973948680768_nThere was a huge crowd outside and as we shuffled through it, we thought how in gods name do we get in… waving our tickets in the air (like we just don’t care) we got through the crowd and were met with the press… we were a bit giddy and having the crack…  I say ” we should hang out with the press.. sure I am press…  (well kinda)

I spotted the gorgeous Karen Koster of xpose and was quick to jump in for a selfie… she told me that she had the same phone as me. ( that new deal where you pay €35 quid a month, and get a new phone is great isn’t it, said my 16-year-old self… )

we worked our way through the press from TV3, News talk to RTE and found a 14330100_10153725008871097_4482521212340235506_nspot at the end… sure we,ll hang around here with the press…  perfect view.

It worked….


“yum yum”

As each cast member made their way up the red carpet, my sister was googling each one.. telling me a brief history before they arrived at us. So I could chat to each cast member, letting them know I knew exactly who they were….  at times she did get distracted, by some of the fine specimens,   whispering hubba hubba or yum yum in my ear.. (  sexist?? no .. we complemented the ladies too,  honestly , we just don’t get out much)


The siege of Jadaville is a story that nearly wasn’t told. It was buried, hidden and wasn’t even documented in history (maybe just 2 lines on google).

Until now….  This movie was something that each and every actor  involved  was very proud of, also,  the actual soldiers that fought in the siege were really happy with the finished piece. (well that’s what I got from eavesdropping on all their interviews with the press.. )

The movie itself was gripping from start to finish, the true story  of a band of  Irish troops in the Congo, who the united nations hung out to dry basically … and although it’s such a serious topic,   you will laugh because of its Irish humour and charm,  while perched on the edge of your seat, as the action and drama unfold . By the end, you will feel you have lived the story yourself and question how you never even heard of it… I was in floods…  The whole theatre was on their feet in standing ovation as the titles rolled, brimming with Irish pride,  “at attention” along side the  soldiers that down to this movie will have their place in history… jamie-doran-one-yummy-mummy-1

Dave fanning did Q&A at the end… I was very nearly going to run up and thank him for nursing me through those Sunday morning hangovers, with 2tv back in the day (16 year old me at it again)

The siege of Jadaville will be in movie theatres up and down the country until October 7…. And after that, if you have a Netflix subscription you can stream it live in the comfort of you own home… Go see it!!!


how many photos of Jamie Dornan is too many?

Discloser… I am a member of the Netflix stream team, I get a free Netflix subscription , apple tv and some deadly perks like movie premiers  to write updates about Netflix (i promise next time I,ll leave 16 year old me at home)


If you enjoyed reading this, you,ll get a bit of a laugh out of the time I got whisked off to London with Netflix 





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  1. Sunday mornings just would not have worked without 2TV (& Beatbox! I’m showing my age) No joke, I was literally laughing out loud here yesterday everytime I thought of you Monday night with the press!! Fair play to you. Though I am gutted we didn’t get to meet…. next time!!

    • ah Nicola .. im gutted i didnt get to meet you too.. but if you had of seen the head of me in the middle of the press… im still laughing x x

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