She believes

“Mammy, when you go home will you make sure you stay out of the living room? I want Elfie to move.”

My girlie said this to me as I kissed her goodbye this morning in preschool. It melted my heart at first, but then it got me to thinking.

She believes…

She believes every story I tell her. Everything I say, she believes. I am right because I am the Mammy and she is the 4-year-old.


And it got me thinking about how I talk to her, the way I act around her, and about self-belief.

Child psychologists are saying that children in Ireland as young as 6 are suffering from huge self-esteem issues.

But what’s to blame?

Is it the pressure children put themselves under nowadays? Is it the ‘selfie’? Is it that we are all living perfect lives on a computer screen? Or is it just the times we are living in?

I honestly don’t know.

What I do know is that our children believe what we tell them; every single word. So I want to make my words count!

“You can do anything you want to girl! Be a truck driver, a pilot, a teacher, anything if you put your heart and mind into it.

Heart because no matter what you do, do it with kindness and understanding of other people. Love will always be right.

Mind because if you work hard, no matter what you choose to do you will get there with hard work.

We are all beautiful, special and different

The only person that will ever stand in your way is yourself.”

Wouldn’t it be great if she believes this? If they all believed it. It’s amazing that children believe in the magic of elves, fairies and Santa. It’s a gift.


Let’s give them the gift of self-belief



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