Putting myself out there, a new chapter

Hey lovelies, 
When I was at school, I loved drama, I was always in the front row of the school choir ( although I didn’t have a note in me head)

The thing is what other people thought, wasn’t really on my radar.

Sure I was just having the crac,  so young and carefree
When it came to drama or reading aloud in class I always had my hand up to be picked first, nerves were never an issue, I just loved to be on the stage, in the thick of it.

But somehow along the line something changed, that singing and acting girl who didn’t care what people thought, like a lot of people got lost.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all lose ourselves through the years to jobs and the wrong peers, to getting ourselves into ruts.

it’s busy being a mama too, you can forget about yourself.

I, ve had little bouts of stress, anxiety, and confidence knocks through the years and with not realizing it, the girl who always put her hand up to read aloud in public just vanished.  

I’m hitting 40 next year and the thought of public speaking can put me in a right sweat.

.Not ideal when I’m about to hit the media circuit to promote a cookbook 

I  never do Instagram stories because of this, the judgment and fear of not being good enough, not being like all the others, just makes me shy away!

but I have to remember I’m not like all the others, I’m just an everyday “real” mother who loves to cook and share her recipes, and that should be enough!

it’s so crazy, I believe in these recipes, and every one of you who the follows the blog does too,

so I want to do you all proud!

Now is the time to put myself out  there, I want to show you the real the real person behind the blog,

My friends call me funny, bubbly and warm, I want you guys to be able to see that person, not a bundle of nerves!

sure I may only have one shot at this!

So yesterday I had a pinch-me moment
I’ve been accepted at the Gaiety school of acting for a confidence building and public speaking course over summer
I can’t believe it!

It’s exactly what I need, to be able to clam my self, focus and put the real me out there

to not only believe in my recipes, have a bit of belief in myself too

I’ll fill you all in here on how I get on, and bring you every step of the way with me! 

I might even insta story it?

what do you think?

Me at the Gaiety school of acting  talk about notions 

Jolene x


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