Junior Baker Set




Junior Baker Set


Everything a Child needs to start their baking Journey


  • 4 Measuring Cups
  • 4 Measuring spoons
  • 14” Wooden Spoon
  • 12 cup Bun sheet
  • 30  Bun Cases
  • 4 Recipes in Cup Format
  • 100% fairtrade organic cotton Apron


4 thoughts on “Junior Baker Set

  1. Hi Jolene & Lils
    Could you please sign me & my daughters up for your wed zoom cookery class please we had your yummy sticky pork chops today and only for your cookbook of be rather lost most of the time cant wait for you to bring out another
    Look forward to joining you both on zoom

  2. Hi Jolene,

    Can I just double check the sizing of the apron in the junior baker set, please?

    My little boy is 5 but the apron on the photo looks quite big…
    I’d also like to get one for my second boy who’s 3 but I see they’re out of stock. Do you know will you have them back in again soon?

    Thanks in advance,

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