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  3. That looks like what we call Sheppard’s Pie here! I love this and will be trying your recipe for sure 🙂 Thanks for linking on #foodpornthursdays

    • i would say the same but… shepherds pie is made with lambs mince…. cottage pie is made with minced beef…. its what granny always said… (and Irish granny,s never wrong) he he thanks for taking the time to comment #foodpornthursdays

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  5. I will try any means of getting my husband to eat asparagus. My minis eat it no problem…hubby turns his nose up at it everytime I even suggest it as a side. Thank you for linking up another wonderful recipe with #foodpornthursdays! Congrats on your nomination…I will be voting!

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  14. Hey, I love your recipes, so easy to follow. Was just wondering if I let the mince cool, cook it and freeze leftovers would I not be reheating the meat a second time?

    • hi Paula.. just cool the mince a bit while you cook the potatoes.. (the temperature will be room temp.. it will be fine )

      thanks for your comment x

  15. Hi. Just wondering what fruits are in the porridge. Have plain porridge & don’t want to buy the fruit porridge especially for this. Thanks

    • Hi .. the thing is if you use plain porridge it ends up very stodgy and doesn’t really work for some reason.. i would use the fruit porridge or luxury fruit porridge.. you can get it in lidl or aldi….
      thank you for your comment.. and let me know how you get on with it

  16. I love an underdog so I’ve always had a soft spot for sprouts. Luckily my mother had a delicate touch and knew not to boil all the taste and crunch out of them but these bad boys look stellar, I’m cooking this year so might give them a whirl.

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    • hi Jane… you would have to check with your sw consultant to get your exact syns.. it is low in syn value not using extra nuts and rasins.. but i would hate to give you the wrong syns as im not a consultant myself.. Just an ambassador for healthy eating for all the family x thank you so much for taking the time to comment

    • I have never tried it that way myself Donna… it could be a bit dense in texture.. but give it a try and let me know how it goes for you x thanks for taking the time to comment x

  23. This sounds lovely, and not too hard for the kids to help with either. I am always looking for lunches that will suit the whole family, this looks like it might fit the bill, thank you xx

  24. I love this idea for a soup! sneaking all the veg in without them noticing! I don’t do enough soup for the kids (or us) this has inspired me to do more soups :p let you know how they turn out!

  25. This sounds great and low the fact that it doesnt include butter or cream so when I am back on my SW diet plan it will fit right it. The seem to go through a stage about 2 don’t they!! xx

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    • yes for def.. if you want to mix them with the baby star pasta.. but if your into baby led weaning nothing is out of bounds .. i really hope you enjoy x thanks for getting in touch (let me know how you get on x )

  31. Yum! What a clever idea to cook the meatballs in the muffin tin, makes it so much easier. I’m not a big meat eater although sometimes I crave meat and these sound perfect for those times 🙂

  32. Great idea – as we’re off on holiday to Asia, I’ve been trying to get my fussy daughter to eat more noodles (and rice) and I do something similar with the fresh stirfry noodles, veg, chicken and a bit of soy sauce (even a tiny bit of ginger). It’s so quick too, which is a big bonus,

  33. these looks so yummy and perfect little meals for the kiddies 🙂 well and mummy and daddy. there huge fans of noodles too so will be giving this a try during the week thanks hun xx

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  39. Oh I love pork chops with honey. So delicious! Happy 3rd birthday to yum. I think it’s definitely an age thing, my little one is starting to get a bit more fussy and particular with food too x

  40. Made this for dinner this evening. A great success and will definitely make again. Thank you for posting this recipe. We are not fans of mash potatoes so I did roast potatoes instead. No extra hassle as the oven is on already.

    • ah laura thanks so much for your lovely comment x (im not a huge fan of mash me self to be honest .. one yummy daddy would love on the stuff x

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  42. That is such a wonderful story & your Mom in Law was meant to find that coat & in turn it was meant for your first born which was a girl. As i always say & believe theres a reason for everything. Your daughter may even pass it on to her child one day

  43. Ah Jolene, I’m in tears. Such a beautiful story and what wonderful memories come with that little coat, which was just made for your little beauty.
    Nanna B sounds like a wonderful lady. This can’t have been an easy post to write, thank you for sharing it with us xxx

  44. Could you have had a child that would have worn that red coat and bonnet in memory of Nanna B better than the one you have? Not a hope, she looks brilliant in it and what a lovely story!

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  52. We’ve only done fajitas with BattleKid once so I think it’s time we did them again. I think I’ll follow your recipe this time rather than doing a packet one!

  53. We love fajitas in our house and it’s one thing my kids would never complain about! I so know what you mean about keeping everyone happy though, and it makes life a lot easier to offer alternatives without making entirely different meals (which I would never do). Your fajitas sound delicious!

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    • 470 mls in liquid all together ,235 mls stock, 235mls of milk… the sauce will be thick, but will thicken up more in the oven… enjoy hun

  57. Hi there
    I found this recipe tonight while on a hunt for a quick and easy slimming world curry as I don’t have much in the house. I have to say this is the best homemade curry I have ever tasted. I tweaked slightly and used slow cooked chicken (great for thickening the sauce), added some red split lentils and a tin of peas, and some chopped mushrooms. I’ll definately be trying this again xx

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  64. How do you manage to get the pancakes to be thick? I always end up getting mine to be thick and not cooked in the middle or they end up being too thin.

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    • I cook the stew in he slow cooker
      For 7 hours… 4 on low and 3 on high.
      Then transfer it to a pie dish.. top with the pastry and into the oven to cook the pastry

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  80. Hi there..a lovely pav you’ve got there..would omitting the cornflour and vinegar in the recipe give the same texture as the regular one? Tq

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  86. Hoping to try this tomorrow with 8 fillets. Would I double everything else too or would their be enough sauce to go round? Thanks!!

  87. Hi Jolene would frozen fish work in this and if so any help on how to make it work?! I’ve a bag of frozen fillets would love to use up with this as I cant remember what I bought them to use in

  88. Hi. Made this tonight but had no celery so used green pepper. Also had no ginger. I think I overdid the tumeric but also whole thing tasted powdery – do you think I didn’t cook off flour enough? Also should tumeric be added to dry ingredients to cook off? Thanks

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  93. Well you will just have to come back my friend!!! It was so lovely to see you and the family. Thank you for the kind cheesecake remarks!! Xx

  94. What a fun and exciting experience Jolene!!! You looked fabulous and I love the photo of you with Marco & the video they put together for you is a real keepsake. Well done for holding yourself high when faced with criticism. I’m so glad you enjoyed the night out x

  95. You look fabulous, and it sounds like a good night..well, apart from Phil/Peter, at least you were able to hold your own with him.

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  109. Yum Yum Yum!
    Needed an easy recipe on Wednesday with Busy Mum Duties and rustled this on up.
    Kids loved it and plenty of left overs in the fridge for a Hangry Teenager coming in from school the following day.
    Defiantly one for the mid week list.

  110. I made this recipe and it was super easy. Turned out really well! I was grateful for the tips like not to over beat the mixture or sugar leaking would occur, which is what happened to my pav last year.

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  114. This pasta is SO gorgeous. I’ve just made a batch of it to freeze and have been tasting as I go. I ran out of oregano (duh!) so substitued mixed herbs and also added in a few chilli flakes- it has turned out SO good! Thank you 🙂

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  118. Hi there, making this at the moment. It doesn’t say in the ingredients list about ginger for the meatballs but it does in method. Is this a typo?? Can’t wait to try this. Thanks

  119. I’ve been making Pavlova’s for years and last night decided to make another only to discover I’d no cornflour, found this recipe online and definitely will never make it any other way again. Amazing

  120. This is a fab recipe made my first ever pavlova and it was amazing recipe is so simple I was dreading making it but no more I’ve just put my 2nd one in the oven thanks for this recipe I love it

  121. Thanks Jolene just wish it was summer weather this June has driven me round the twist but this recipe makes it easier to cope!

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  123. Hi I made this today. Thank you for the recipe!! It’s quick to make & a lovely dinner for my fussy family can I reheat or freeze ? Thanks.

  124. Well done jolene what a fantastic initiative, i admire you so much and follow you on Instagram. I love to cook and bake and learn new HEALTHY AND SIMPLE recipes to cook for my 3 boys and hubby. Im not from a disadvantaged background but im excited to buy your book and incorporate your meals into our weekly meal plan. Love sarah. Xx

  125. Thank you for this recipe. I am cooking my pav as I text and had forgotten to put corn flour vinegar and vanilla extract in. I can rest easy it will turn out ok when I serve it to family and friends tomorrow for or late Christmas lunch due to fly in fly out son in law.

  126. Just made these, they are delicious my kiddies loved them! I hate giving my kids processed nuggets, these are an amazing replacement and they taste far far better

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  128. Hi, I think you have to cook for the same time, my friend leaves hers in the oven overnight on seriously low heat and hers turn out fab, so dont think time needs to be any less than an hour.

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  130. Made this this evening, delish , I was hoping to get lunch out of it tomorrow too but that’s not going to happen because the kids went back for seconds ( something to get doesn’t happen too often) Thank you

  131. Hello Jolene and wee Lily, how cute are you!!!!
    I’ve followed you pair on fb and I’m delighted with your success.
    I would love if you both signed your cookbook for me.
    I haven’t been chatting yourself or Michelle in years. Hope you’re keeping safe and please God we’ll get through this pandemic. Xx

  132. Hi Jolene & Lils
    Could you please sign me & my daughters up for your wed zoom cookery class please we had your yummy sticky pork chops today and only for your cookbook of be rather lost most of the time cant wait for you to bring out another
    Look forward to joining you both on zoom

  133. Hi Jolene,

    Can I just double check the sizing of the apron in the junior baker set, please?

    My little boy is 5 but the apron on the photo looks quite big…
    I’d also like to get one for my second boy who’s 3 but I see they’re out of stock. Do you know will you have them back in again soon?

    Thanks in advance,

  134. Hi Jolene, have just been introduced to your recipes and love this one. As I do not eat meat/chicken can you suggest an alternative to using chicken stock cube.

  135. This is a favourite in our house . Making it today but i decided to prep it already so have the meat in a ziplock bag with the sauce and the veg prepared separate. So i can throw it all on tray when we get home later. I wonder will it be ok to pour the sauce that the meat has been sitting in over the veg when cooking.