Our top 5 ways to enjoy bread with National Bread Week

Hey lovelies,
I’m so excited to announce that I will be one of this year’s brand ambassadors for National Bread

National Bread Week 2018 runs from September 10th to 16th and is a chance for everyone across Ireland and Northern Ireland to ‘Love Your Loaf’ and celebrate all that is great about Irish bread.

As a family of bread lovers, I really wanted to celebrate our heritage of Irish bread, why I love it and maybe dispel a few myths while I’m at it.
In recent years our humble loaf has been getting quite a bit of bad “wrap” (ok I’ll quit now) with claims that bread is high in fat and sugar.
By being part of the National Bread Week campaign, I’ve learned that bread is quite the opposite.
Did you know for example that only 1 percent of fat content in the Irish diet comes from bread but that it does provide a host of nutrients from protein and iron to calcium? (You can have a read of a few more bread myths here)

So, to celebrate National Bread Week I wanted to share with you guys our family’s favourite ways to enjoy bread and I’d love you to get involved by sharing yours! Just use the hashtag #BreadLover on all your posts

1, Roly-poly sandwiches

Sandwiches are a staple of school lunches, and Lil’s favourite are my lunch box roly-poly’s. I just cut the crusts off wholemeal bread, fill it with jam or ham salad, then roll the whole lot up and slicing it into bite-sized morsels. The kids love them because they are bite sized and have no crusts and an added bonus is “Empty lunch boxes all around.”

2, Bruschetta
This is my simple but classic bruschetta recipe that will transport you straight to Italy. My take on it consists of toasted fresh sliced baguette, rubbed with garlic and a drizzled with olive oil. Topped

with fresh vine tomato, mixed with fresh basil leaves tossed in a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing, finished with a few shavings of parmesan

3, Seaside crumble

A real family favourite of ours is Seaside Crumble, my twist on a Fish pie. Lils was never a fan of mash potato and has always been a mini #BreadLover so I created this dish especially for her.
It has a filling of fresh cod and corn in a creme fraiche garlic and chive sauce. Topped with crispy soda breadcrumbs and oozing parmesan cheese. (you can find the full recipe here )

4, Eggy bread with smoked baked rasher and maple syrup

The perfect brunch or weekend breakfast – our whole family love this one.
It consists of delicious white thick crust bread dipped in egg and gently fried on the pan, topped with a smoked rasher and maple syrup, served with blueberries and raspberries. (you can find the full recipe here)

5, Thick white batch bread toasted and slathered in real butter

Sometimes simple is best. This is a national treasure (I bet you want some now!) The smell of the batch bread toasting with real Irish butter melted on top, to me it’s the ultimate in comfort food.

For more bread inspiration visit the National Bread Week website www.nationalbreadweek.ie or follow them on Facebook

– I’d love you all to join me and get involved with National Bread Week by sharing your pictures, tips, bread stories etc. with #BreadLover on social media.

Jolene x

(disclosure this is a collaboration with National Bread Week, all thoughts and opinions are my own, )

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