One Yummy Mummy Turns 3

3 years ago today I decided to blog my recipes. 
It was an idea that floated around in my head for a while.
But kept pushing it to the back of my mind
The only thing that was holding me back was “what will other people think”?
I replayed all the eye rolls, folks thinking I had notions and little sniggers in my head 
But realized it was me, myself holding me back.
Sure what do begrudgers matter
And I went for it!!
I’m not the best writer in the world,
But I really believe in every recipe,
I believe there is a cook in everyone,
Enough with the food fads and food fashion.
Enough with the ingredients that no one can pronounce or even find in the shop.
Enough with the hipsters telling us what to eat!
I believe in wholesome food that is easy to cook that the whole family will eat!
Simple 👌
I think quite a few of you do 
Every time I mention my cookbook I honestly have to pinch myself. 
But I believe I’ve created a cookbook for everyone.
A cookbook that won’t just sit on a shelf,
That will be used, with dogeared pages, that will be dotted with splashes of sauces
And I can’t wait for you to see it
I want to thank each and every one of you for jumping on board..
for every like, for every share, for every photo of your little guys eating my recipes..
Honestly it means the world to me
And for every idea floating around in your head,
Do it
Jolene X 

4 thoughts on “One Yummy Mummy Turns 3

  1. Anything that makes life a bit easier for us mammies is a winner. My kids love your chicken pie. I love making it as its so easy. Im not one following recipes, but yours are so easy.

    Thank you!

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