One Yummy Mummy One year On

Today “One yummy Mummy” turned a  year old.. and what a year its been. My wee blog has really grown from this very day last year, and as a person I,ve grown with it. One Yummy Mummy was one yummy mummyborn out of friends and family asking for recipes and me being a bit lazy (not wanting to write them out, all the time)  A handy place to keep them all together. I also wanted to crush the misconception, cooking from scratch was expensive, or that you need fancy ingredients or larder full of deluxe food to do it. Im an advocate of our local budget supermarket, I pay around €100 for a weekly shop, and a week in dinners in our house looks like this .

We still have our fussy days,  and “yum” has just came out the other side of a yuk phase, Yep  hiding veggies can work for days weeks like that, and the fussier the she get,s the craftier I become. We have our treat days, like everyone else, when we,re out and about she may have a sneaky happy meal,  everything in moderation.  Im just an average every day mam, trying her best (and almost every mam I meet is doing the same) but why do we beat ourselves up along the way!!

Here,s an example…..


here,s my best attempt at a “yummy mummy”

Whats your blog called people would ask? “One yummy mummy… i,d reply.. in a bit of a morto voice.. and thinking they would be thinking “yeah right who is she kidding” 😉 Then i,d mumble… YUMMY, as in food Yummy!!! Im not a yummy mummy.. sure look at me!!!!

WHY the fuck heck hell do we do that!!!!

This year I,ve been trying to work on that.. you know that way us Irish  women put our selves down/ cant take a complement…. em that !! and all tho we are trying our best.. as women, we are feeling we should be… at home, at work, thinner, richer, in control.. it,s impossible!!! Our kids are watching our relationship with food and ourselves.

I want “yum”  children to enjoy food,  healthy food, all food,,  to have a happy body image, love, and to grow up, being able to feel good about her  themselves . This all starts with us, (and I know it sounds hippy dippy, ) but loving ourselves..  and having a good relationship with food

I am ONE YUMMY MUMMY 🙂 (I really am, we all are)


( I want to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you who has contacted me.. followed me and supported me, read my blogs  and dare I say it,(helped me win an award ).. I am so excited about the coming year!! I have started writing my Cookbook  and have loads in the pipe line.. ) holds breath x

In the words of Buzz .. not Aldrin.. Light-year… to infinity and beyond   x


Get messy x have fun x One yummy Mummy x



22 thoughts on “One Yummy Mummy One year On

  1. Happy Birthday Jolene! You have accomplished so much in your first year – you should be really proud of yourself. Your recipes are fabulous & you are so lovely! Definitely one of my favorite blogs to visit. I hope you celebrate with some bubbles tonight 🙂 x

  2. Wow, congrats on your first year! You have achieved loads from the looks of it and deserve lots of complements (and that’s from one Irish woman to another 🙂 )!

  3. Oh wow I thought you had been blogging for a lot longer than a year you have done so much, congratulations and happy blog anniversary! Hee heee your comments around your blog name made me laugh! i think you look perfectly yummy!! xx

  4. You look super yummy to me. And I’m sure your cooking isn’t bad either!
    … I think you are right, we woman have a tough time blowing our own trumpets sometimes but you know what I’ve learned? If we say something, people believe you.
    So when we project a confident image, people just go along with it too. I’m getting happier with doing just that, and focus quite hard on not ‘playing myself down’ too much. So whether its real, or just a blag, it seems to work!
    Happy birthday to you and your blog! Anna x

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