Now We’re Cooking Programme

A 6-week Cooking, budgeting and meal planning Course, Brought to you by Multi Award-winning Cookbook Author Jolene Cox. (Thats me 🙂 )

The aim of this Programme is to improve the health of our families all over Ireland. Empowering parents and giving them the life skills to feed their families well on a shoestring budget.  

Please see below an overview of the 6-week course, This is a guideline as each programme can be tailor-made to the needs of  each participating Group

Week 1: MealPlanning: Recipe Chicken Curry in a Hurry

Week 2; store cupboard stables and shopping tips: Recipe Press Pizza

Week 3: Getting the nutrients into your family: Recipe Hidden Veggie Marinara Sauce

Week 4: Clever Brain Foods for the Family: Recipe Seaside Crumble/ ocean nibbles

Week 5: Understanding food labels: Recipe  Homemade Burgers with oven-baked rosemary and garlic chips

Week 6: The importance of  Getting Kids into the Kitchen and cooking together: recipe: home-baked chicken or chickpea nuggets

For more information on the programme and costs please get in touch using the contact form below

Jolene x