Netflix planes and Antibiotics ( Our week in Albufeira )

Holidays and antibiotics don’t mix! (or do they?) this time last week I was getting ready to fly out to the Algarve with glands swollen to the size of golf balls, I’m never fecking sick, talk about timing. When the 4 o clock in the morning alarm went off my first instinct was to press the snooze button. but the thought of a lounger and a bit of sunshine was enough to get my ass into gear. As for yum she bounced out of the bed singing “were going on holiday on the aeroplane” Peppa pig style (give me a shot of whatever she’s on)

The flight

We flew from Dublin to Faro with Aer Lingus which took around 2 hours 40 mins and all slept most of the way.  As for baggage for a family of 3, I added on one large 16kg bag to check in this cost €35 and was for me and yum, the hubs had a carry on bag weighing around 9kg,s for himself which we could also check in for free. (really handy). Yum packed her own little backpack for the plane with bongos her favourite teddy, some snacks, colours and her tablet. Netflix was a godsend because we downloaded all her favourite shows like Peppa Pig and Max and Ruby at no extra cost before we left. she could chill out on the plane without needing an internet connection. This also came in so handy in the hotel room where there was no wifi signal or children’s tv channels. (all hail the Netflix)

when we arrived at baggage reclaim in the Faro yum thought it was a great idea to give her backpack a little go on the “luggage merry go round” while daddy and I were grabbing ours (not very funny at the end of a 3-hour flight) a bit funny now tho!!


Our room with a view

We stayed at the Monica Isabel Beach club in Albufeira which is literally located on the beach giving stunning balcony views, from our room ( also the sound of the waves helping us to sleep each night was a dream) we opted for bed and breakfast, which was ample. Ok so the sausages and bacon are not going to be the same as what you get at home, (but when in Rome and all that) I ate my weight in bread and scrambled eggs each morning, the hubs went for toast and fried eggs and yum had beans and toast most mornings.

The rooms were spotless and yum was delighted with the little sink for her in the bathroom (this was a bidet)  once you explain to a 3-year-old what a bidet is for they will announce every time they go to the toilet that it is time to wash their bum!!! she never did use it (as far as i know)

also, there is a free kids club that you can avail of every day, altho the parents needed to stay with the children under 5. I didn’t mind staying tho  the girls were lovely and the antibiotics hadn’t quite kicked in yet ( hence no drinking so no hangover)

There was also 2 outdoor swimming pools, one had a bar which was pretty busy, and another one didn’t, it was  like a little-hidden oasis, we hung out here and it was pretty empty, with loads of free sun loungers (it’s beside the kids club)

The hotel had a kiddy’s disco every evening with face painting and entertainment every night.

The staff were all lovely and so child-friendly, giving us crayons and colouring pages to keep yum busy.

What we ate

Yum ate spaghetti bolognese every night and lived on ice cream during the day. (holidays are holidays) Overall the food in the Argrave is delicious, with their main dish being Piri Piri chicken, I had really tasty pork chops with almonds and raisins that I’m dying to recreate (I’ve loads of ideas for recipes in the coming weeks) a meal and a couple of drinks price wise were averaging in from 30 to 50 quid for the 3 of us.

What we drank

So around day 4 I started to feel back to my old self and the antibiotics started to kick in.. (I asked the doctor “hypothetically speaking”  what would happen if I drank on these antibiotics  he replied in words of the verve “the drugs don’t work” ) I was feeling good and took my chances on a few strawberry daiquiris.. the ice was for the glands!!! Then next few nights I was back in action, the gin and tonics were a treat and I also never got a bad glass of red over there. The hubs was delighted with the Portuguese beer Super Bock and will be keeping an eye out for it over here. 

What we did

Our days were mostly spent at the beach and the pool, we took one day trip to the zoo marine which was well worth it. you will see a lot of posters for The Zoo Marine dotted around Albufeira. It has dolphins sea lion and bird shows, with a water playground just to name a few attractions, (we only got to see half of what it had to offer)  it cost €36 per adult with bus to and from our hotel, yum was free because she was under the meter height restriction. Albufeira has a lovely old town this was  30 mins walking distance from our hotel we spent a few evenings walking on the beach to get there, having a bite to eat and listening to some live music. There is also a strip which is 20 mins walking distance from the Monica Isabel Beach club, this is more touristy with more bars and geared up for the youngsters (in other words, our life before children).

all in all, We had an amazing holiday and nearly cried on the plane coming home!! Albufeira ticks so many boxes as a family holiday destination, with beautiful sunny beaches, friendly locals, delicious food and loads to do for the smalies.  We will be back!

Disclaimer: I booked  this holiday via click and go and paid for it in full myself 

The Monica Isabel Beach club upgraded us to a 4-star room when they got wind of the blog ( happy days) 



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  1. Ah the joys of blogging – fab about the upgrade. I’m glad you felt better during the holidays. Wise to ice your glands I say!! Looks like a fab hotel, lovely pool & brilliant they have kids entertainment xx

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