My Netflix London getaway in numbers

This time last week it was all go,, I had my kitchen ripped out,  the house was ” builders galore” (not in a diet coke netflix london 10break kinda way).. and every thing was just a bit nuts..

I got an invite to an exclusive event in London by Netflix … So no better time to snap it up..swanky hotel suites are not something I’m accustomed to so  here’s how it went .. in numbers

3-hour flight delay

Thanks Aer Lingus!!!!… for the delay… no I mean it thanks!!! I sat in the airport bar, reading my book in complete relaxation no hammers banging.. no building.. a bigger thanks to the barman who suggested on having “large glasses” of wine instead of the standard .. legend

1 huge hotel balls up

because of the flight delay.. I didn’t arrive at the hotel until 12.30 am… to a greeting  I didn’t expect… it went like this””

Hotel guy “Hi Mam, I know Mam  , you have a room booked .. but I Don’t know how we managed it but we are all booked out… Im not his mam

ME “are you for real?”

hotel guy  “we are so sorry, I don’t honestly know how this happened…  but  we have booked a suite at the Westminister plaza for you!!!! we have a driver to take you there  drive you back here for breakfast, to meet the rest of your party!!! …its just round the corner

Me  (after a bit of negotiation and dying to see what a suite looks like at the Westminster…  “all is forgiven…”… hop into the car

Driver ” hi Mam” I’m not your fecking mam either

2 bathrooms in my hotel suite

Netflix londen 1

yep 2 bathrooms!! for little old me.. there was also a kitchen… 2 bedrooms, a huge balcony  overlooking the London skyline.. mood lighting and a mini bar…

3 and a half hours sleep

because I was sleeping in such a swanky hotel suite .. I couldn’t sleep…. with excitement.. I was on my own so I couldn’t even share the excitement with anyone.. (except my fb and Instagram buddies)…. I was  starting to wish ” yum” was with me jumping on the bed… and ” one yummy daddy” was snoring in my ear.. but don’t tell him!!!!

5 other fantastic girlies

As promised the next day a driver picked me up and brought me to the hotel I was meant to stay in, for breakfast. I met up with the other Irish girls. Nicola Watkins PR guru ( and absolute legend” for Netflix Ireland ) Sadhbh from where wishes come from, Debbie from saucepan kids, Tracey from love of living blog and Laura from confessions of an Irish mammy..(all fantastic blogs and special girls in their own right…. look them up).  Welcomed me into the group, and were up for the crack (my kinda gals)  we were all as excited as each other to be there.

1 plush venueNetflix london 3

The venue for the Netflix event was in an old violin factory in the heart of London’s waterlou.. when I walked in I thought this place is the most “instagramable” place I have ever been in.. a photographer was snapping us all as we walked in.. Netflix posters and framed pictures were dotted around the place.. the attention to detail was unbelievable.. and although it was all pretty spectacular .. I honestly didn’t feel out of place once.. everyone made me feel so welcome..

3 exclusive previews of programmes coming to NetflixNetflix londen 5

For the morning the group basically talked about why we all love Netflix  and what it is to be part of the Netflix #streamteam. We watched 3  exclusive previews, The crown, this one is based on queen Elizabeth the 2nd,s life and has a bit of a Downton Abby feel.. with a bit more grit.. (my autumn Sunday night viewing with a glass of red sorted)  stranger things ,  looks amazing, it’s set in the 80,s and has a real ET feel to it and stars Winona Ryder..  Beatbugs, Netflix fought and bought all the rights to the Beatles music so this is HUGE,  it’s an animated show and each episode is based around Beatles  song with an uplifting  message of peace and love..  stars like pink, Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder will sing us through each episode  (as a huge Beatles  and Eddie Vedder fan I am mostly excited about this)  Netflix if your listening… for the benefit of my 16 year old self, if there is any way I can meet Eddie Vedder (and marry him) get in touch.

4 planned activities

The afternoon was set up with 4 fun planned activities.. (I’m not usually into organised fun.). but I inhaled it on this occasion and soaked it up, and had a blast… each room was themed too

Cookie making in the king Julien room 

netflix london 8

can you tell which one was mine? Pinterest gone wrong eh…..

party crafts in the word party room 

netflix london 9

I made a cake topper for “yum”

The “beat bugs” rooftop garden”

Terrarium fun on the beat bug roof top garden

netflix london 7

my favourite room…

and then there was the Netflix “me” room… where we got to sit and relax with a few glasses of champers 

ten million ..

.. calories at least was consumed (and that was just liquid) ,,, I had to miss my slimming world meetingNetflix Capuccino 11
so feck it, I went all out.. you only live once.. (they don’t count when your overseas) the food was just divine…


6 cups of cappuccinos

look how cool these were, and they tasted dam good too

500 million times

I thought of “yum” and One Yummy daddy

I really did miss the pair of them..

1 Run to the plane thanks to Aer Lingus again

(I,ll not go into it,,)

8/10 glasses of red winenetflix wine

that was including the airport and plane so not bad really????

15 circles of terminal two

by “one yummy daddy” to pick me up

this is now a tradition , when picking me up at the airport…

2 very happy heads

to see me home… and 2 cookies demolished!! they didn’t care what they looked like …

1 kitchen nearly completed.….

Mission accomplished




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  2. I am so jealous of your netflix day!!!! The hotel looked amazing and so did the Netflix room. I love Netflix so much. It’s my way of relaxing. I can’t wait to see your new kitchen!

  3. Sorry to hear you had a stressful start to your adventure, but I have to say I’m so jealous. When I was part of the Netflix Stream Team we never got to do anything exciting like this!!

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