My Top 5 speedy afterschool meals

My god the summer has just flown, and I can’t believe I,m chatting to you about back to school.

But it’s right on top of us. So I thought I,d give you all a dig out with dinners.

Most kids nowadays have a better social diary, than us, with after-school activities and play dates..   It leaves  “Taxi driver mam”  so busy, that dinners are the last thing on our mind.

In saying that, What,s the first question we get asked when they get in the door?” whats for dinner Mam?”

So here you have it 5 easy after school dinners that will get you through the school week with ease.

I’ve selected these 5 because of they’re quick tasty and so handy,  I’ve been using all these recipes for years. (In all my childminding days)..  and will get you through any school week…  an added bonus is.. the kids will eat them guaranteed x

(for all recipes just click on the titles and you will be directed right to them., print them off then and stick them on the fridge x)

1, Speedy beef noodles Now, what kid doesn’t love noodles! This recipe can be tossed up in a flash and hasn’t be refused by child or beast yet!  You can even give them 15 minutes to watch their favorite program while you work the wok.  Every one is happy. 

2, Chicken curry in a hurry…  I couldn’t do an afterschool meal plan without it My chicken curry in a curry on it, why? because it’s still to this day my most popular recipe here and I still get messages every week about it. give it a go the first week back, you won’t be disappointed. 

3, Seaside Crumble. This fishy dish will get the family through the mid-week hump with a bit of old brain food.  All the budget supermarkets are doing fresh cod fillets, So there handy to pick up, and easy on the purse strings too. This is a great alternative to traditional fish pie cause it’s so quick to wack together and tastier too in my book. 

4, Pizza pasta It’s pasta that tastes like pizza! whats not to love. This recipe has been the biggest hit of the year so far on the blog and it’s a super one to have up your sleeve if you fancy something tasty fast. 

5, sausage casserole Sausage casserole, or “saw ships”  casserole that’s what lils calls it !
To be honest I could eat this type of grub all year round. Food with so much comfort it gives you a hug on a cold day.   When buying a for a good quality sausage look for a high pork content,  in and around 70 % and above. This dish is super easy to cook and one the kids will devour 

Sending you hugs and love all the gin to get you through the first-week x Jolene 



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