One yummy Mummy,s top 15 Moments of 2015

Hey guys,

Its that time of year again,  Were we say goodbye to one year and ring in another… The lovely Sadhbh from Where wishes come from came up with a fantastic way to look back on 2015…Linky Badge 2015

The top 15 moments of 2015… (you can have a read of hers here, with loads of other top Irish parenting bloggers taking part) As a newbie to blogging, I some times feel a bit out of my debt… But if you know me, Im never one to turn down a “get together” …. So with out further ado here,s my “15 of 15”

1. Most Popular Blog Post:

porridge loafThe Ever Popular Easy Porridge loaf was the post that brought the most traffic to the blog… With some amazing feedback… This super easy loaf has 5 ingredients and cooks in 50 minutes… it,s low in fat, healthy (the main ingredient is porridge) is a really easy breakfast on the run… An added bonus is my little “yum” loves it with jam.. I have to say the funniest moment was when my Mam rang me saying ” So i,ve heard a few talking about this porridge loaf of yours” how exactly do you do it?!!!! Classic…

2. Favourite Post

My favorite post has to be The big Fat issue. This is an issue really close to my heart. I was chubby as a child and still have to watch my weight… The stats are showing that in Ireland we are getting fatter by the year. With talks of a sugar tax, (just throwing a tax at problem it wont fix it)… This piece is what I feel, are the 7 factors that are making us fat (and our children) It was also  published on the News Talk Website.. Which I was really proud of.

3. Favourite Photo

My goodness…. it is so hard to pick…. But looking back through them all it has to be this,


This was taken on our holidays in Killarney… We booked a glamping trip at the last minute (well it was a mobile home, but glamping sounds fancier) The weather was just majestic.. I made this Pizza in the mobile one morning and we headed off for the day, on an adventure… My little “yum” had a ball and walked for miles…

We stayed at Beech grove Caravan Park , This is  family run, they have luxury mobiles, and I would highly recommend it … ( off season you can get some amazing deals too)

4. Favourite Illustration

one yummy mummy

Has to be from the amazing Sheena Dempsey..

I got in touch to ask for an Illustration for the blog, and she was fantastic… I had an idea in my head and bang….  she did it, exactly what I Visioned… She has since updated the image and I now have that as my profile on the blog.

But this one will always have a special place in my heart…  In the year ahead I want to get it on canvas and hang it in the kitchen, I love it so much.

5. Best Recipe

My best recipe is “kiddy curry” I have to say I cook this every week, for any smallies that happen to be around to play. It always goes down a treat, and i,ve had some amazing email,s from parents of little fussy eaters that love it…. (back of the net…)

6. Most Common Question

How do I get my fussy child to eat”? is the most common question, from parents… And to be honest, there isn’t a simple answer. All children are different and sometimes its not even about the food..  My own “yum” has now mastered the word “yuk” and knows when to use it at times too!!! (deep breaths) I do have some top tips  to try, and the less “fuss” around a little “fussy eater” the better..

7. Most proud momentFermanagh Hearld

Ah this has to be when “Fermanagh” got behind me.. There is noting like a bit of home support!

One of the proudest moments this year, was when I made our two local papers… I love Fermanagh and the people from “home ” are the salt of the Earth.. I don,t get home often enough ,, but when I do its my round x


8. Unbelievable momentMaternity and infant Awards best parenting blog winner one yummy mummy

I still cant believe it, and am still in shock, but winning “best parenting Blog” in the Infant and Maternity awards 2015 ….

I can honestly say as a new blogger I never thought I,d have a chance of winning!! (I just went for the free wine) I have felt so much support and love since, and I am so grateful to each and every one of you x It really means so much x


9. My Best Move:

This has to be moving my blog,  to self hosting… This means that I have total control over my blog, Its all mine… I have to say I couldn’t of done this with out the help of Sheila Pollard who is amazing at what she doe,s and a total tech wizz .

10. Favourite Perk:

In March this year, when I started the blog, I never thought in a million years that I would be offered “Freebie,s” … I couldn’t believe I was getting email,s from PR companies asking me to events, or to work with them. I had to take a step back … a deep breath and choose wisely..  The biggest perk has came in the shape of Netflix because we are such fans as it is and staying in Hotel west-port  (you can read all about our stay in the coming weeks)..StreamTeamBadge

11. Best Social Media Moment:

This has to be reaching over 4000 followers on Facebook and over 2000 on twitter… It still amazes  me.. Im still am a bit unsure,  how to use twitter!!! and sometimes afraid of getting “no likes” on a Facebook post (like billy no mates)!!! Its still all a learning curve for me.

12. Favourite Title:

My favourite title of a blog post, has to be “im afraid of no roast” ..This came,  when a friend of mine, out of the blue says to me ” im Afraid of cooking” ,the even thought of it ,gets me in a fluster… and just like that the, “ghostbusters”,, Theme tune came into my head…. And I was singing to my self… “im afraid of no roast“…..

13. Favourite Blog-Series:

This is “candid cuddles” from the lovely cuddle fairy  a blogging buddy of mine. This is a series of inspiring quotes that I try to take part in when I get the chance…  I feel a quote can be just a line or two that can have a huge impact on your life… my favourite  quote is….

“By choosing healthy over skinny, you are choosing self love, over self judgement…. you are beautiful…..”

14 What My Blog Did For Me In 2015:vote pic one yummy mummy

The main thing my blog did for me was give me confidence in my cooking and writing….

15. Whats to come in 2016:

Who knows… Im going to keep dreaming and working… A wispier of a cookbook maybe? The sky’s the limit x

I want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year…. Make a wish, and go for it!!! 2016 could be your year x x x

Get Messy x Have Fun x  One Yummy Mummy x x


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