My Night at The Restaurant

It was the week after Christmas when I got the call to appear on Tv3 The restaurant.

The producer rang and said she had heard great things about me and the blog. (ahem)

I was so flattered but you,d never guess what the main thing running through my mind was

How in gods name am I going to squeeze into a fancy dress on the week after Christmas?

 Huge Spanx and plenty of willpower the were order of the day.

I have always been a huge fan of the restaurant, and this season they were changing it up a bit,  with a top table of foodies. This is where I was going to sit, with three other complete foodie strangers.

I thought about it for a second, sure what’s the worse that can happen?

What sealed the deal was I could bring a pal along to sit at the bar, so I asked one of my Mammy besties Sue who also happens to by my hairdresser, let’s call her my single handed glam squad. This girl is a miracle worker and made me feel like a million dollars!

We arrived at the courtyard restaurant really early so we headed over the road for a wee tipple to calm the nerves, sure we were having the crack, like mammys do when they are let on the loose on a school night.

Tipple finished we headed into a reception room with a grand piano,  there were bubbles on arrival and the atmosphere was really relaxed, I got miked up and was filmed walking the red carpet, it was nerve racking but I wasn’t taking it too seriously and was thinking like how often does this happen. 

And the moment arrived

I was last to join the top table so the others were already acquainted for a little bit. My dining party consisted of  Andreea a foodie and barber from Romania, Jay a natural bodybuilder and health food lover and last but certainly not least Phil who is a chef and in the catering industry for over 40 years. ( I called him Peter for the night)

He knew his stuff and wasn’t afraid to let us know, he told me he has never read a food blog in his life and didn’t really like food bloggers. Then asked me who in gods name who was going to buy my cookbook?  and told me I probably married a rich husband that’s why I can faff about in the kitchen all day.

My answer to whos going to buy my book was ” maybe the thousands of mothers cooking my recipes and reading of my blog every month and I married for passion, the same reason I started a food blog.

I was well able for him, And he kinda got that, and we actually warmed to each other towards the end, and I think he was just pushing a few buttons and trying to rile me up a bit.

He said my food blog will be the first he will ever read… we will see eh. (if you do read this phil/peter please leave a comment and let me know) 

We had to guess who was in the kitchen and I guessed it was a woman, in fact, a mother because one of the dishes was named “cian,s pickled beetroot ” My thinking was you’d only ever name a dish after your child, not yourself or a partner. (that part ended up on the cutting room floor)

I was also surprised to learn I agreed with the judges on a lot of the food. The mystery chef did so well but some of the dishes were hit and miss. The desserts were definitely the hight light of the meal! That Eton mess was to die for, it was the best I ever tasted.

When it was time for the grand revel Irish jazz and folk sensation ( and total legend) Mary cloughan came swinging through the kitchen doors to meet the judges, she was covered in sauce and looked like she worked her socks off all day. I got to have a brief chat with her and she was so down to earth, exactly how you would imagine.

I also got to nab Marco Perrie white for a quick photo?  Every time I look at this photo it cracks me up it looks like a girl that’s full of confidence!!! ehhh That’s wine. 

and what did we do when it was all over? it was a Thursday night so…

We headed back over the road for a few more drinks.. well how often do we get out on a school night?


Jolene x


6 thoughts on “My Night at The Restaurant

  1. What a fun and exciting experience Jolene!!! You looked fabulous and I love the photo of you with Marco & the video they put together for you is a real keepsake. Well done for holding yourself high when faced with criticism. I’m so glad you enjoyed the night out x

  2. You look fabulous, and it sounds like a good night..well, apart from Phil/Peter, at least you were able to hold your own with him.

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