How Dyson has cured my cleaning rage

I hate cleaning!  I do it, but I just hate it.

I know there are folks out there who love to clean, (my first thought? you’re lying, 2nd is, come live with me). Seriously whats to love about it? The dust, dirt and effort, groan.  I can think of so many other things that I,d rather be doing.    There are two kinds of people in this world, ones who constantly clean and love it (I  wish I was like you)  and the other ones (like myself) who spend their lives trying to keep on top of things. Then do a major frenzy deep intensive clean when ” visitors are coming”.

So how do I keep on top of things, I hear you ask? By Rage cleaning!, Have you heard of it? Basically, You go around the house, from room to room picking up stuff,  cursing under your breath about other people living in the house. (even the mess you’ve made yourself, you give out about that)   Shouting the odd “nobody does anything around here but me!!! Dragging the vacuum around behind you. Banging it on a few doors, getting more enraged while it gets tangled up in the cord, resulting you having to pull the plug mid cleaning frenzy. The thought of it here is bringing me out in a sweat.

AHHHHHHHH deep breaths…

But something kind of miraculous happened to me!  It was like the stars aligned and every curse   I ever muttered or shouted from the roof tops was heard!  It was like the cleaning gods and fairies were actually listening to me.

A few weeks ago I got an email from the people at Dyson. It was to see if I was interested in test driving their new Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum.  Interested me???  I think I am ready for a full on steady relationship ( channel 4 documentary anyone?  On how I’ve just married my Dyson.)

I was going to give you the specifications of the machine, It would kinda go like this Blaa Blaa Blaa, I never read these things in reviews  (if you want to read them you can  here )

here’s mine…


Really light, so light you can hold it with one hand while shooing the dog out the back door! You have one hand free so you can also wipe down a few counter tops, cutting cleaning time in half (more time coffee). It’s also easy to lift with one hand, to get those ceiling cobwebs (that no longer look the part now that Halloween is over,), and because you are not dragging it behind you, No More wacking off doors.

suction power

It has two Suction powers,  a deadly one that sucks up dog hair  ( the bane of my life)  toast crumbs, and rice crispies with a special roller head for dust.  And a fecking deadly one, that has extra suction power. I use this for when I’m cooking with Kids  ( you know I absolutely love the cooking part, it’s the clean up after, I dread), It,s now done in half the time and hassle!

bin  (cylinder that collects the dirt)

It has a dirt ejector bin, so that means when you, re done you can just eject the dirt into your household bin. You don’t even touch the dirt.


I’ll be honest here this is the best part for me.  I used to hate dragging out my old Hoover, (that was half the work) Now I can just whip out the Dyson after meal times, as quick as I would a sweeping brush. It lives in its very own docking station in the cupboard and is there when I need it. No plugging it in! You just charge it up like your phone and away you go.


The Dyson V8 Absolute comes with an attachment for every job Imaginable, likes Carpets and hard floors.  Pet hair (this has been a game-changer for me) Stairs and you can convert it to a mini hand held vacuum for cars and Upholstery.

So, in a nutshell, my cleaning rage is cured, well mostly cured, if only Dyson had a device that puts washing in the washing basket and not beside it, or put the dishes in the dish washer and not beside it.  (but you can’t have it all ehhh)

Disclaimer …. Dyson sent me the V8 Absolute to review and yes I love it (a little too much) …

7 thoughts on “How Dyson has cured my cleaning rage

  1. I’m in love with my v8 absolute too! I do a lot more touch up cleaning around the house now because it’s so much easier!! Fab review lovely xx

  2. That was a very enjoyable read (I read it all, I normally get bored half way through and move on) also, it makes me want a Dyson now, so I’m away to price one. My Hoover needs bags of which I am all out so this Dyson sounds the biz
    Thanks Yummy mummy

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