Hey lovelies,Meal planning has become a huge part of our home cooks Ireland group

I feel it’s time we had our own hashtag.. #mealplanmonday👩‍🍳 ( you need to

Jessica’s, Fantastic €50 meal-plan challenge

add the cook as that’s what will make it unique to us)

Jessica in our home cooks group made a €50 weekly meal plan for her family of 4 and totally inspired us all with the amazing food creations she came up with for the month of January.

Emma also posted about her cost-cutting ways on how to get 3 days out of a Sunday roast beef, with a Monday curry night and the third night of Cornish pasties.  Our Ciara is rocking the night before prep, and making some lovely recipes out of her slow-cooked ham too. While Amelia is sharing the wealth with her leak and potato soup and bread making.

Emma’s amazing 3 meal roast beef

It really shows that Cutting the cost of your food bill doesn’t have to be boring. you can still eat well for less.

So how will the hashtag work?

I’ll post our meal plans here ( with the recipes) for the week on Monday and hashtag it on Instagram stories and the grid. We will have a thread every Monday in our homecooks group too.

With the hashtag, we can interact, get new ideas and inspire each other, while getting tips on saving money on our weekly food shop.

Then on Fridays, we can show off

Amellia,s Delicious bread

all our food creations with the hashtag #foodfotofriday👩‍🍳 . This is a great way of letting our community know what we,ve been cooking what’s worked and what hasn’t.

The hashtags will be live from Monday, it might take a little while for us all to get the gist ( me included)

I think it’s going to be a great way to connect, cook, inspire, motivate and save money x

The possibilities are endless with Ciara,s slow-baked ham

Join our home cook community, here x (no matter what your cooking ability we are here to help x )

You can follow Jessica and Emma’s amazing food adventures on Instagram

Happy cooking x Jolene, Jessica, Emma, Ciara, and Amellia x x x

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  1. Meal Planning has been a weekly routine for us for about 6 years now. There is times when i slip out of the pattern and i feel so stressed and disorganised. I can not recommend it enough. When i come home from work at tea time, most days i already have dinner preped and this makes everthing so much easier. Im always shocked when i hear parents say they have no idea whats for tea and that they have never meaplanned. I think this is a great idea x

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