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Hey, lovelies,

when I created “Home cooks Ireland” my main mission was to get a positive little group together to share recipes and swap ideas on home cooking.

At the time I was getting loads of beautiful photos sent to me via the blog so I thought it would be a great extension of that, a  little hub for homecooks to chat and share ideas.

My god its really flourished and grown into something amazing! Its one of my most proud creations.

Along with our 4 moderators Emma, Jessica, Ciara and Amellia who really put the love and care into the group every day, answering and conversing with each and every recipe post, its grown from a tiny seed to a go-to resource for home cooks in Ireland

Home cooks Ireland is such a positive place to be, where our now 3,335 members feel safe and confident to post no matter what the query or food question! ( and while there are enough facebook groups tearing strips of each other, we are building each other up with praise)

For the past month, we have been sharing “meal plans and swapping ideas on them” I received this email last week and it really brought home the great achievements that are going on in the kitchens across the nation because of our group!

This is just one of the many emails we receive on an ongoing basis

(I’ve kept the sender anonymous)

Hi Jolene,

I’ve been following your blog and am a member of your home cooks group thank you!

This week for the first time in my life I followed a meal plan (well most of it) and omg what can I say- what have I been doing all my life!!! What worked for me is the 5 dishes in one place. I did an online shop and got all the stuff in- convienent! I must preface this also with the fact I have a 4.8 yr old, a 3 yr old and a 12 week old. I am frazzled and your meal plan took a lot of stress and guilt out of my week. I’ve been trying to extend the kids usual food ( they’re not in creche anymore and most all has been out of the freezer together with fruit and yogurts. I made the sausage casserole- I had to fight with myself to stop eating it out of the pan and leave some for the kids, the beef stir fry- me and hubby ate it ALL and the chicken curry- eaten by parents (I licked the plate clean!). Yumm!

I think I made this a wee bit hot for the little ones but next time I’ll add less curry powder and add some chips!

I’ve never really cooked at all, but with three boys growing I know I’m going to have to learn to cook to keep them fed! Your recipes were really easy which is great and I managed to follow them!

So thanks and looking forward to the cookbook I am so buying it!

Thanks so much,

isn’t that just what it’s all about,

Women helping women 💪

love to cook? come find us and join our home cooks Ireland, group,

we would love to have you

Jolene, Emma, Ciara, Jessica, and Amellia x

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