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Everything you need for a movie night in ūüôā

It’s the highlight of my week, movie night. I look over to “yum” with her huge bowl of popcorn, the bowl nearly as big as her head. The dog is lying up beside her, waiting¬†and hoping¬†to catch any casualties, that might fall out as she tries¬†to grab a handful with her tiny hands. ¬†Every week it’s the top of the mountain we, ve been aiming for, ¬†a little bit of family time together, a few glasses of red and some¬†goodies, just heaven! (it’s what the hipsters call Netflix and chill)

The thing is with Netflix you sometimes get flooded with choice, taking half the night with the remote browsing and not watching anything. So I’m here to help you decide with My top Netflix Family Movie night picks.

1, Minions

We just recently went to see Despicable Me 3 and loved it! But some how Minions¬†the movie slipped through the net when it was in the pictures. The dungaree wearing, google eyed yellow babbling Organisms¬†are up to their usual antics! The only difference is we have a whole movie dedicated to them. In this flick, the minions evolve through the years serving their¬†Despicable¬†masters. Some of it went over “Yums” 3 and a half-year-old head but she didn’t fall asleep! Which is a good indication if it’s worth a watch for “movie¬†night”. I laughed all the way through it (but then again I,m easier pleased ūüėČ )

 Charlottes web

This is the first full-length¬†non-animated¬†movie we watched with “yum” and she just loved it. ¬†From cute lovable ¬†“some pig” Wilbour to Lady Charlotte the spider the setting is just magical. The character casting is just spot on, with Wilbur’s¬†little croaky voice to Templeton the rat wise guy personality. ¬† The moral that friendship¬†comes in all shapes and sizes is just heart melting. I will let you into a little secret¬†I was bawling at the end. You may have read we have had an out break of huge spiders in Ireland and the Uk over the summer! Well, we found our very own 8 legged critter in the living room(huge it was, only short of a fur coat!). “Yum” of course called her “Charlotte” and begged¬†us to keep it her as a pet.


From the moment the titles started rolling with this Roald Dahl¬†classic I felt a little uneasy. I forgot how dark Dahl can be, with his story telling. From Principal Trunchbull¬†swinging kids from their¬†pig tails to making the “big-boned” kid in the school gorge on a whole chocolate cake. ¬†When I gave it a chance I honestly felt, all the gore makes¬†Miss honey and Matildas relationship all the more sweater! But wait till I tell you, whats the one line “yum” takes for the movie? “let’s get sticky with Mickey” !!!! Which is a forgettable blink and you’d miss it line from a cars¬†sales man at the start? She, of course, started to shout “let’s get sticky with Mickey” at the top of her voice in penny,s the other day!!! (motto¬†wasn’t¬†the name for it) I was hiding in the rails, head stuck in Harry Potter pyjamas!


We have the Music of AC/DC and Will feral¬†as a bady kinda goody! This is such a clever movie. Good versus evil with a twist. Great music to keep the grown ups glued and a really funny plot to keep the smallies¬†entertained. I don’t want to give much away but, A huge thumbs up here.

 kong fu panda

Me and “Daddy” loved Jack blacks bumbling panda high kicks in this one. “Yum” not so much, she got bored half way through and got ants in her pants for a half and hour, kept asking us was it nearly over and fell asleep half way though. So one for¬†the grown ups and older kids maybe?

 Bee movie

This is such a lovely tale of “there’s got to be more to life than this” where a bee falls in love with a human and you, re rooting for him the whole way through! It also explains in a subtle way how important bees are to the universe and how we need them to live. A lovely message for our little ones.


Ok so this one isn’t a movie, but it’s the only series I actually enjoy watching with yum, so it deserves a mention. Beatbug is a Netflix original and is set to the sound track to the Beatles back catalog of classic Hits. There is nothing that fills my heart with joy more than Yum belting “all you need is love” from the top of her lungs. Warm and fuzzy is the only words to describe it.

so there you have it guys,  our Netflix movie night picks hope you get something you can enjoy with your gang

Have you any recommendations for me?

Jolene x

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV box in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews. All opinions are my own as always.

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