Just Veg Soup

Just Veg soup 


So “yum”  has been going through a bit of a fussy phase lately.  She’ 2 and a bit now and  really got the taste for chocolate, especially kinder eggs…  (she will dig out my tablet, press the You tube logo and find clips of “hands opening kinder eggs”!!! )  I,m trying to pry it off her, with the bribe of raspberries and strawberries!! (It,s not washing at all with her ) I know the odd treat is fine, everything in moderation is my motto, as long as she,s eating the good stuff too. My “Just veg soup” is exactly what it says on the tin (only there,s no tin) its perfect for getting the nutrition in on the fussy days! The thing is she loves it and is a dab had at helping to make it too

The best way to describe this soup is that it tastes exactly like ” wedding hotel  soup” Daddy love,s it for his lunch at work, and I love it for a healthy low-fat dinner  on a busy day  ( I  lash the black pepper on ) The milk is optional , but it does add a creaminess to it that the kids love x

Get messy x have fun x One yummy mummy x


  • olive oil in spray bottle/ tablespoon of butter
  • 2 small onions
  • 1 leak
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 large potato
  • chicken stock cube
  • cold water (just enough to cover the veg)
  • 100 ml,s full-fat milk


Get a saucepan with a lid

Peel and chop all your veggies

spray a saucepan with olive oil/melt butter and soften onion, leek and celery on a medium heat for 5 mins

Add the carrots and potato and cook for another 5 mins

Crumble in the stock cube and just cover your veggies with water

put on the lid and cook for 30 mins until all the veg is soft.

Blitz with a hand blender and add the milk…

Serve and enjoy x x






12 thoughts on “Just Veg Soup

  1. This sounds lovely, and not too hard for the kids to help with either. I am always looking for lunches that will suit the whole family, this looks like it might fit the bill, thank you xx

  2. I love this idea for a soup! sneaking all the veg in without them noticing! I don’t do enough soup for the kids (or us) this has inspired me to do more soups :p let you know how they turn out!

  3. This sounds great and low the fact that it doesnt include butter or cream so when I am back on my SW diet plan it will fit right it. The seem to go through a stage about 2 don’t they!! xx

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