January Picks For Netflix

January picksForNETFLIX We are huge fans of Netflix in the “yummy” household and I am delighted to part of the Netflix Stream Team.. The Stream team is a network of about 500+ Mums and Dads across the US, UK, Ireland & Europe .StreamTeamBadge

Here is   a quick run down of “yum,s”   top  ” January picks for Netflix”…. (yum is 2 years old, she love,s trucks, raspberries and running in the park)


netflix ben and holly1, Ben And Holly,s Little kingdom…

This one is new to Netflix this month, but if it sounds familiar, its from the makers of Peppa pig.. ( they use mostly all the same voices) Its all about the adventures of Ben Elf and princesses Holly ( the fact that one lives in a castle and the other lives in a tree, doesn’t get in the way of them being best mates) Holly,s a fairy who can do magic .. (which is kinda like currency in the kingdom ) and with Ben being a elf, is really good a fixing things… There,s a lovely underlining moral of their friendship, that goes beyond class!!! But of course that goes over “Yum,s” head with her being 2 and all..

Netflix pajamas2, Pajanimals…

Over Christmas we put “yum” into her own room … and big Girls bed (blog of follow on this)

Pajanimals really helped us in the transition  … Its from Jim Henson (so you know your in safe hands) and is basically about  puppet characters, which  include bossy dog Apollo, energetic duck Squacky, quiet horse Sweetpea Sue, Italian cow CowBella and their Mum and Dad, (who you never see, but tell us when its time for bed) . Its relaxing, and a great show to put on, to wind everyone down before bed..  One of “yum,s” favorite songs is “stick to the plan”.  This is about the routine before bed.  Following the steps of  the Panjanimals getting ready for bed. First taking a bath, then brushing their teeth and finally putting on their pajamas. Have a listen to it here  … 

netflix puffin rock3,Puffin Rock

I just love Puffin rock, firstly because its Irish (Una the main character has a northern Accent, just like myself) and Its narrated by the relaxing voice of  Chris O’Dowd. Its a like a wild life animation for kids ( “one yummy daddy” loves that part and when hes on “yum”watch always puts in on) It teaches children about national history in a play full way..  Set in a  beautiful Irish Island, It show cases the talent of home grown animation . Also has a fab theme tune (you get it!!! we love a good theme tune)  “Yum” loves the baby Puffin Baba the most.

netflix max and ruby4, Max and Ruby

Ok I have to be honest here… Max and ruby is a complete enigma to me.  Ruby’s a tad annoying and Max can be a bit of a pain at times. The theme tune is like something from the 1920,s and I find the show quite boring. But here,s the good bit!!!! KIDS love it!!! (go nut,s for it)… and if you have a house full of kids (aged from 2 to 7)  they,re getting a bit crazy (think rainy day, walls closing in) Put Max and Ruby on and they calm the situation right down, (they kinda go into a trance, like a cult for kids!!!) In a good way… Its my not so secret weapon.. the ace up my sleeve when I need it, When things are reaching crazy world.


NETFLIX BUBBLE5, Bubble Guppies

I love bubble Guppies, because of its upbeat and cheer full tone throughout. Each episode encourages children to interact and solve problems and has a running theme of friendship, which doesn’t stick to gender stereotypes..  (the girls love trucks!! “yum” loves trucks too)

The Bubble Guppies teaches kids about the world around them. Each episode cover,s  all sorts of themes from, colours, transport,  the human body and pets.

. “Yum” loves it for the  Catchy music and colourful characters.. You may catch her having a bit of a boogie while watching it.


So that,s it.. our the 2 year old,s pick,s on Netflix this month… The older folks are watching “Making a murderer”.  It is unbelievable! it is compelling viewing.. We are only on episode 5 … but yes, believe the hype!!! It,s excellent…

What are you watching this month?

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews.  All opinions are my own, and I already had a Netflix subscription before I was a member of the Stream Team.






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  1. oh boy now i’ve got the bubble guppies song in my head lol. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking at this with my daughter and she approved all the shows and says they are all good ones!

  2. We do not get Netflix but I am starting to think about looking into it with some of these great shows. Although i have not heard of them all your descriptions are very good and make me want to find out more. Thank you

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