The Irish quality Food Awards

I’ll be straight up with you guys, I was so surprised to be shortlisted for food blogger of the year @ The Irish quality food awards 2017.

Four of the best food blogs in the county were shortlisted and little old me, among them. These are the food blogs I look up to and been following for years.

Seeing “One yummy mummy” on the list, was an absolute honour, I was just buzzing.

So  I had only a week to get organised and for the week that was in it, I didn’t get a chance to even think about it until the day before.

Crap, I’ve nothing to wear. This was very different to the “Maternity and Infant awards”  Where I had the dress pressed and ready for weeks ahead with a plan of the day in place.

I had a root of the wardrobe, I didn’t have the time to hit the shops. I dugout an outfit that I wore to a wedding a few years back. Tried it on and to my relief, it still fitted.

I remembered at the last awards the other bloggers had their business cards at the ready to network.   I thought It may be time to get my own printed up. All the supermarket chains and buyers in the country are going to be there.

So at extremally short notice, I contacted Jamie at Print co. I felt a bit embarrassed when I told him that I needed them “tomorrow”.

Thanks to Print Co I was armed with my new business cards

He was an absolute gent, designing printing and shipping them in a day. I told him exactly what I wanted and he went above and beyond for me.  200 business cards hit the doormat just in time for the awards. Another milestone and proud moment,  My name and logo on a business card. Talk about having “notions”

We were suited and booted and rearing to go.  When the taxi pulled up outside the Clayton Hotel the doorman opened the taxi door and helped me out. (Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore ) The hotel staff took my coat and led us to the champagne reception.

I stood open-mouthed with my hubs looking around.  Pointing out famous chefs, basically trying not to stick out like a sore thumb. There was a huge seating plan so we found our table and headed in. All the food bloggers were seated together and they were all so friendly. (Go check out their blogs, nothing short of Amazing)

Eva Burg

Catriona Redmond

Russell Alford & Patrick Hanlon

Joanne Cronin

When I took my seat, I suddenly felt like I belonged.

Chef Paul Rankin took to the stage. A fellow northerner and chef I have admired for years, sure it was “ready steady cook” that got me into cooking!

We ate our way through the outstanding food and yet again I drank my body weight in wine ( sure it would be so rude not too)

And then it was time… Irish food blogger of the year (I had absolutely no expectation s of my name being called out)

Until… They called it out! Jolene Cox, “One Yummy Mummy” Irish food blogger of the year.

I put my face in my hands and looked at my hubs, he had tears in his eyes and looked at me as proud as punch. (The last time I saw that look was when I met him at the end of the aisle in Las Vegas almost 7 years ago)

Walking up to collect my award,  felt like I was on a movie set or it was a dream, everything was in slow motion just for that second.

I was shaking as I hugged and kissed Paul Radkin (I could have overdone it paul 😉 ) and then collected the shiny glass award

what a night…

Girlies this is just the beginning, the start of my journey.

I’m on a mission and I won’t stop until my recipes reach every Mother or father who has ever doubted their cooking ability.

Who feel that good food is just for the elite. Home cooking Is my passion!  It’s not about fancy ingredients nobody has heard of,

it’s about making a meal out of what in your cupboards and putting your heart into it.

Ps … I’ve got my book deal,

I, ll be bringing you guys, every step of the way with me.

Thanks for all the messages, likes, loves and support, only for you

Jolene x



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  1. Aw Jolene what a genuine post! Such an exciting & proud time for you & your blog. Congrats on the business cards, they look great!! Xx

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