How NOT to announce the Birth of a red head


hey your talking about my hair!! and you put me in this stupid hat x

hey your talking about my hair!! and you put me in this stupid hat x

On the 4th of the 10th 2013…. something pretty unexpected happened.. I gave birth….. to a “RED HEAD”

The Announcement Text

Proud Daddy was preparing the announcement text, (its the daddy,s job isn’t it ) which stated the weight of our bundle. How mother and baby were doing, and how baby had a “big head of Red hair”.! He read it out to me… feeling a bit woozy I asked “can we put “red hair?”… em… I don’t know?? What is politically correct ? We weren’t  very sure, we were wrecked it was a long day and both panicked … and announced she had ” BLONDE HAIR”! (huge pang of guilt)

Coming Home

The visitors came from far and near, to get a snuggle and a sniff of the bambino…  What was the hot topic of conversation? HAIR

So where does she get the “strawberry blonde” hair from? (I hate “strawberry blonde” its so wishy washy.. ) em.. Im not sure I,d reply and without going into the history of the Celts.. Id say may be its a great grandparent, maybe its her dad,s red beard?… A through back gene they,d say…

ah but she is beautiful… At least she can carry it off they would say……She,s 4 days old???

Four months oldbaby red head

Don,t worry its turning blonde….. someone actually said … WHAT… I thought at this point i didn’t want anything to change let alone her “red hair”(I can say red  I,m her Mother… im allowed to now)..

Bullying !! Would you not worry about bullying? oh crap…. let me think about that one…

So i thought long and hard.. The reason a child might be bullied is because they stand out, or are different.. But is that not  from our generation? An Ireland of the eighties?.. A red head may be different, but the Ireland of today embraces difference. We live in a society full of colour!   “there’s nothing more beautiful than a classroom full of all colour”.  Ireland had a yes vote  in the equality referendum, that includes all the colours of the rainbow.. em…  I think my wee flame  will be just fine…

One years old

Some one said….. she,s very fiery that’s the hair!!!!

She,s one years old they are all fiery!!!!

One and a halfred head

Hairs still red…..

Let it go!!!

Disney saves the day yet again… the frenzy which is frozen kicked off…. and very girl aged 1 to 7 want to be either Elisa or Anna… Anna has red hair…. and kids are wearing red haired wigs to be her!!!

Talk about perfect timing!!

I notice amazing fellowship between red heads… they have an unwritten connection, that us boring haired people don’t get… they smile at each other..  the jokes on us, you know… standing out is something to be proud of … and every red head knows it including my one and a half year old…

Getting back to Anna out of frozen… My girl is “Anna” mad… it was one of the first words she said!!! Now that,s good marketing for you! Nearly   every little girl that meets her says ah there’s “little Anna”… you know when “Anna” sings “do you want to build a snow man? that’s her…

Aged nearly 2age 2 red head

hair still red!!!!

Every child has something special about them.. and I’ve chatted to other mums (the dads are not as vain, fact!) and some have honestly told me .. that they have been genuinely upset by a child’s hair having a ginger tone… (of course i know there,s worse things in life)  but i,m saying what was first perceived as a negative, is a total positive.

We were out having a stroll with friend,s daughter who is 6 years old. Two lady’s were walking towards us… the 6 year old said to me before they approached “they’re going to say “she” has beautiful hair” I know it!!!  They did. The little girl  turned to me and said… i,d just love to have “red hair”… I explained how everyone,s hair is beautiful… My little fire cracker sat in her buggy unaware of the fuss!   One  up for the red heads eh…..

In the famous words of charlie brown ….

“love is that little girl with red hair”

” have fun x get messy x one yummy mummy x

5 thoughts on “How NOT to announce the Birth of a red head

  1. What a beauty! I was teased at uni because of my love for redheads because they were in such a minority. Trust me to covet the rare ones 🙂

    • Ah I know Shauna… i would hate for her to die it when she gets older!!! but you you she will be a little rebel (i she is any thing like her mother) x x thanks for taking the time to comment x

  2. Hah! Laughing here as the mother of three inexplicable red heads (though my four-year-old insists it’s ‘golden’! We get the ‘fiery’ comments too! Personally I love it. Your little lady is just fab! 🙂 #teamread

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