Hotel Westport for Kids a review

I have always been a fan of Westport! The music, the atmosphere, the crac, not forgetting the most spectacular scenery in the country.  We had stayed at Hotel Westport 2 years ago ( for review click here ) Lils was too young for the kids club so we promised to return, for her to try it out when she was old enough.

The car was packed up and we hit the road, the weather had promised the beast for the east! (not again) so we wrapped up warm and hoped for the best.

but thankfully The sun was splitting the sky when we arrived in Westport town, looking more like “best of the west”  My god with the west is just breathtaking when the sun shines.

The greeting at the hotel was so warm and welcoming, We arrived just in time for “lils” to dine in the kids club.

We had been invited to my blogger besties the cuddle fairy,s for dinner later in the evening, but lils was hungry after the drive, so this suited perfectly.

There was a buffy type menu at the kids club, so of course, my girlie had the lot, sausages, meatballs, pasta, marinara sauce and chicken goujons to top it all off. (I had to restrain my self from tucking in because it all looked so fresh and tasty, but I saved myself for Beckys!) 

The kids club Team were full of enthusiasm, they had a great manner with children, but at the same time had order, which is so important when working with children.  Lils nearly jumped out of her skin when Petie the panda  (the kids club mascot) turned up to dine with them. I got chatting to another parent who had been there for the day already and had nothing but high praise for the staff and the hotel as a whole, which always a great reflection of a hotel.

When she finished dining it was time for us to head to Becky’s for dinner, where we got the 5-star treatment again. Enjoying a few glasses of vino while the kids played and daddies chatted.   Becky’s whole meal was just delicious.   Her “piece de resistance” was her cheesecake! This honestly is the best I ever tasted.

Her recipe is made to share and I will definitely add it to the community section of the blog in the coming weeks . (if you cant wait that long you can find it here)  a fantastic end to such a lovely evening.

On Saturday morning lils joined the breakfast train with the kids club, there was a day of fun-filled activities planned again for the little ones.

The kids club ran from 9 to 12 in the morning and from 4.30 to 10 pm in the evening, it is split into groups (juniors and seniors and is for children aged from 4 to 12.

I loved the fact we could actually dip in and out of the kids club. Lils was dying to go swimming with mammy and daddy so we spent the afternoon at the hotel pool.  When we were finished at the pool it was time for the kids to dine so she rejoined them then.

On dropping her off there was great excitement, with the smalies getting there faces painted as animals, in preparation for a pet farm visit which was coming to the hotel car park. ( this was €5 extra  and you had the choice to opt in or out for this)

I kinda was hanging around with her,  but she gives me the biggest ” mam your cramping my style mam look”

So I gave her a hug, and headed back to the room to get ready for eats and drinks with the hubs for the evening. In the reassurance that she was happy out.

We had a great evening of top class food and service in the Island restaurant , Just to know lils was off having an even better time with the kids club was the icing on the cake.

When we picked her up at 945 pm, she was so excited, and couldn’t wait to tell us about her adventures at the petting farm.   All 3 of us were out cold at 10.30 and snoring our heads off, ( we aren’t exactly the party animals we used to be eh) 

Our stay on Sunday was finished off with a walk around Westport house and gardens, this also has a pirate park for the kids and is a 10-minute walk from hotel Westport.

There were loads to see and do but I, ll be honest, what comes up must come down, lils was just like a bag of cats

just Wrecked after the whole weekend of late nights and activities, and we didn’t get much more out of her.

So we cut it short and headed back for the drive home, (and caught the mother of all tantrums just in time) and She snored her head off the whole way home.

All in all, we had an absolute ball in Hotel west port and I would totally recommend it for a family getaway, My only complaint was we didn’t have a long enough stay to do everything Westport has to offer and would like to experience the pirate park again.

We will try and get back again for longer in the summer holidays

Disclosure: We received a discount on our stay in hotel Westport in exchange for an honest review, all opinions  are my own





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  1. Well you will just have to come back my friend!!! It was so lovely to see you and the family. Thank you for the kind cheesecake remarks!! Xx

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