Homemade chicken pie in 4 easy steps

You all know how much I love wholesome, tasty food… yeah? and my love for easy food fast… I adore dinner it’s my favourite time of the day, and hate waiting for it to cook, especially’s when it smells like this homemade chicken pie.

There is nothing like a good pie… not one of those flat, empty yokes you get in foil trays in the supermarket. (they’re nothing like a good pie).. You want a pie that is full of filling, with huge chunks of chicken floating in a creamy sauce, topped off with a fluffy puff pastry hat…. This one is cooked in 4 easy steps ( just as easy as the foil tray supermarket one ) … and added bonus is that it tastes so creamy, without the cream (you now can… eat all the pie,s) good wholesome family food, that guarantees clean plates all round…

I can’t wait to hear how you guys get on with this one…. keep sending your photos to me on the fb page here … nothing makes my day more than seeing all your little munchkins enjoying their grub …

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  • 4 chicken breasts
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 pack of chestnut mushrooms (you can use the normal ones if you can’t get chestnut ones)
  • 1 small tin of sweet corn
  • 1 tablespoon of plain flour
  • half pint of hot chicken stock
  • half a pint of milk (mix this with the stock)
  • one pack of puff pastry ( i use the 275g Bakewell one from Lidl) but you can use any as long as it puff
Method: heat oven to 180c… heat a teaspoon of olive oil or frylight on medium heat in a pan on the hob)

Put the chicken, mushroom, garlic and corn on the pan, mix and fry for 10 mins, until the chicken is fully sealed


add your tablespoon of flour and mix well, soaking up all your lovely juices season with salt and pepper (in a jug mix 1/2 pint of hot chicken stock, topped up with 1/2 pint of milk) ,slowly add milk and stock liquid, quarter by quarter and stir well


transfer to an oven proofdish and top with puff pastry and finish off in the oven for approx 40 mins…


serve... and try to share with the kids

Tada… perfect homemade chicken pie try… to share with the kids 


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    • 470 mls in liquid all together ,235 mls stock, 235mls of milk… the sauce will be thick, but will thicken up more in the oven… enjoy hun

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  5. Hi I made this today. Thank you for the recipe!! It’s quick to make & a lovely dinner for my fussy family can I reheat or freeze ? Thanks.

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