Healthy Pot Noodles

Healthy pot noodles .. …

These bad boy,s are full of flavour… and super speedy.. the added bonus is that we usually have all the ingredients in without having to take a trip to the shops.. (that never ends well with a hungry, tired toddler) So I was winning!!

Any mammy,s with wrecked hungry children this recipe is a godsend!!

Also, any slimming world folks, fancy giving these a whirl this recipe is free on extra easy..

Tip… when you drain your cooked noodles, rinse off the starch with cold water. add a little fry light or olive oil to the noodles to prevent them from sticking. I find the Sharwoods medium noodles work best

(feeds a family of 4


a glug of olive oil/sesame oil or fry light

140g of medium egg noodles

4 chicken breasts

1 garlic clove

2 tablespoons of frozen corn

2 tablespoons of frozen peas

1 chicken stock cube (oxo works best because you can crumble it)

1 tablespoon of soy sauce


(you will need a saucepan, a colander and a Wok )

healthy pot noodles sauce pic

cook noodles according to the packet.. (usually in boiling water for 4 mins) when they are cooked drain in a colander and spray with olive oil or fry light ..

leave to one side until you need to add them to the wok

spray your wok with olive oil/ sesame oil or fry light and heat on a medium heat

chop chicken breasts and add to the pan.. cook for 15 mins turning and making sure all sides is cooked

Add garlic , frozen peas and corn and cook for another 15 mins

crumble over the chicken stock cube and sprinkle in soy sauce..

Finish off with the drained noodles .. mixing the whole lot together in the wok and serve in pots x

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23 thoughts on “Healthy Pot Noodles

  1. Great idea – as we’re off on holiday to Asia, I’ve been trying to get my fussy daughter to eat more noodles (and rice) and I do something similar with the fresh stirfry noodles, veg, chicken and a bit of soy sauce (even a tiny bit of ginger). It’s so quick too, which is a big bonus,

  2. these looks so yummy and perfect little meals for the kiddies 🙂 well and mummy and daddy. there huge fans of noodles too so will be giving this a try during the week thanks hun xx

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