Halloween Witches Hats

Hey lovelies
I have a super easy Halloween treat I  wanted to share if you fancy making something spooky with the smallies today. 
The good thing about this treat, it doesn’t matter If your baking ability is more scary Mary than Mary Berry.
These Halloween witches hats are ideal, perfect for kids of all ages, with a surprise inside each one.
All ingredients can be bought at your local budget supermarket,(so you can fly out and get what you need in no time)
A super easy activity to have up your sleeve over the mid-term this week too.
Enjoy x

Shopping list

1 pack of ice cream cones
1 pack of rich tea biscuits
2 large bars of chocolate
1 pack of jelly babies (or your favourite small treats, Smarties are good too)


  • Get the kids to break up the chocolate, melt it in a saucepan, over a pan of boiling water … 
  • chop up the treats, and get the kids to pop them inside the ice cream cones…
  • place each ice cream cone on top of a rich tea biscuit
  • Glueing together with chocolate
  • brush the whole cone with chocolate
  • (the kids trying not to get any in their mouth)
  • finish with sprinkles
  • leave for about an hour to dry

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