Goodbye summer 2017

As the evenings get shorter I think of all the things I,m going to miss about this summer. (It won’t be the sunshine anyway, Irish summers eh..!!) It’s all the other things.  The lack of routine that having no preschool brings.  Later bed times meaning longer lie-ins snuggled up together in the big bed (yes she’s still in my bed, I promise I’ll sort it soon) The rainy mornings making pancakes or playing detectives while still wearing pyjamas.

When we were on holidays this year, I noticed Yum was playing around the pool but was petrified about getting into it. I was on a mission to get her used to the water. So off to the pool we headed every week.

On week one she was stuck to me like scrambled egg stuck to the bottom of the saucepan. Holding on to my swimming suit so tight it was cutting.  Actually almost exposing the Mitchell brothers on a few occasions (my boobies 😉 ) She got a lot better tho when she discovered she could touch the bottom. Week by week her confidence grew, and she’s now paddling around, albeit with a rubber ring 2 arm bands and a noodle, but that’s progress and my puppies are now safe of indecent exposure.

I’m going to miss our little day trips together to town. Stopping at little coffee shops ( cappuccino for mammy and a bowl of soup for yum.) She’s going to miss the bus to the fairy woods with her best buddy, and having a chat and a snooze on his shoulder on the way home.

I love the freedom the summer brings,  not having to check the time for pick ups no alarm to set some mornings.  Some days spent not even leaving the house. Making camps out of the throws from the sofa and having teddy bears picnics on the living room floor (while I try to catch up on mountains of washing.)

Yes, a 3-year-old can drive you insane sometimes, all the questions, all the foot stamping! All the I don’t want to mammy!  The hissy fits about peppers in the lasagne and mammy having other things to do besides watching her colour/dance/spin on her head..  But I’m not going to talk about those things 😉 (well not much anyway)

Let’s talk about the laugh we had finding “Charlotte ” the fecking big huge spider in the sitting room, and pleading with daddy so we could keep her as a pet (we didn’t by the way), and the persistence at trying to draw love heart correctly to put them in every drawing. Just to show me how much you love me x

And just like that summer is over

all good things must come to an end! Being back at preschool will fab and catching up with friends is going to be so exciting.  I will be back enjoying my  3 hours running around like a headless chicken, doing the stuff I didn’t get round to doing over the summer. (because I ended up watching  head spins and colouring)

ps, “Yum” learned how to Say octopus!! and not ocapuss , how to put her shoes on the right feet (most of the time) and did I mention the head spin… Summer 2017


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