Goodbye Soother

Ive never been a fan of the soother… Id say this goes back to my childcare training when I worked in a wobbler room good-buy-soother-3(babies aged 1 to 2)… Once those babies turned 1 it was goodbye soother… (and bottle for that matter)… it was our job to encourage child development and according to HSE preschool regulations when a wobbler is awake and stimulated the soother should be put away  in a little pot or the child’s bag…  all sounds great on paper eh….

When I was pregnant I was still steadfast on no soother… one yummy daddy thought we should get some (just incase)  when we were out baby shopping and talked me into to picking up a pack… I laughed and said you know we won’t be needing these… and stored them away with all the other stuff I told him we wouldn’t need. like the Car seat belt clip (life saver)   activity gym (game changer) and formula dispenser (god send)

Our newborn was home for 3 days and to be honest she was a dream.. she slept well. fed well and I was walking ongood-bye-soother-4 air… after the 3rd  day she started to get a bit grizzly.. that cry pierces straight through your ears  heart when you hear it,  you just want to make it stop. (not because of the noise, well kinda not) because you want to make it all better … “Daddy where are those soothers?”  and that was that… she was hooked…

fast forward 3 years later and the soother is now my nemesis… she just loves it… she talks to it, plays with it, she has her own name for it ” her google ga” she would pick it over me hands down. she would pick it over kinder eggs hands down.  I’m forever hiding it, telling her no google ga when your playing .. google ga,s are just for bed… but she hunts them down no matter where I hide them, and will walk into the room all “maggie Simpson” and look at me like “mam honestly what’s your problem”  a few strangers also have started to get their 2 cents in now too.. You know when your stressed out, doing the food shop and the toddler is not co-operating ..  you get to the till and a nosy old dear will say to her ” you’re not a baby, you don’t need a dummy”   … you try taking it off her.. see how easy it is!!!

Then the dentist … she told me that because she’s sucking the soother so hard there could be a chance her teeth will grow around it,,,  and casually dropped in “there’s need for it once they turn 3”.. so that was it…. I decided  it had to go (stay strong.. deep breaths) 🙂

My first idea was that Santa might take it and leave loads of toys instead. I even got a cute plate to leave it on for good-bye-soother-1santy… but then I had visions of ruining Christmas with tears  and tantrums on Xmas eve (that might get in the way of my relaxing glass of wine ) so then I planted the seed and mentioned a few times that we should give the google ga to the fairies and let them give them to the babies that need them…. At first, she wasn’t having a bar of it , So I added that the fairies will get her a present for being so brave… oh she’s interested now!!!!

So on Sunday we headed off to the fairy park in Corkagh park and posted the google ga in the fairy post box (thankfully there was no tears and no fuss)… in return she got a present (a ben and holly set),  .. last night she went to bed with no hiccups… but woke up very upset in the middle of the night. she said there was a monster in her room ( I knew it was the google ga she wanted) she asked to sleep in with me.. and she did… she slept most of the night in-between having a rummage now and then around the bed half asleep  looking for it.. (this pulled at the old heart strings) so I  snuggled her  in with extra hugs and she hugged me even tighter back…

Our mission isn’t exactly accomplished just yet.. but battle  day and night one  is complete… I’ll keep you posted on how we get on in the coming weeks x

Are any of you guys in the same boat? or how did you say goodbye to the soother… Id love to hear your stories…

One yummy Mummy x  soother-6


**** update, fancy hearing how we got on one week later and if Googlega made a come back? have a read here ****



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  1. Did the same with my boy just before he turned 3 during the summer. Was at the fairy woods & he handed it over no bother, lots of tears when we were leaving but talked him around. Faires left him money, which he spent on a truck the following day in Smyths. Took a few wks of a few rough nights going to bed, they kinda have to relearn settling themselves to sleep but it was soooo worth it. Good luck, stay strong!

  2. Well done. I’ve also given our 3 year olds dummy away at a fairy park but tbh it didn’t work (she was just under 3 at the time) I had to give in and give her her little brothers dummy. She was absolutely distraught. I’d never seen anything like it. She could not get to sleep. I caved in at 3am. Dunno how I’m ever going to get rid of it now and she has it more than ever.
    I worry about it all the time. I also worry about my son who’s nearly 2 and so attached to his.
    My dentist has also given me warnings

    • ah Shauna, that’s hard… and to be honest.. I would have caved in that situation too.. ours is gone now 3 weeks and im over the moon.. but the little maggot is still coming into me every night to sleep with me.(daddy ending up in the back room) I’m going to let that one slide.. (you can’t win them all) because your two are so close in age that could make it harder… they,ll come round in the end when the time is right.. your doing an amazing job x

      • Well we are day 4 without dummy!! It wasn’t planned by me as tbh I couldn’t bear a repeat of last time. Santa didn’t take it as mummy was too stressed lol. She made the decision to give to her playschool teacher last Thursday (much to my horror)

        So we have substituted the dummy for verylate nights and ipad (I’ll deal with that one in a few days) First 2 nights it was 1am watching tv. Last night was 9pm. For now I’m just so happy there’s no going back. She would never embarrass herself by asking her teacher for it back lol.

        It does break your heart though when they tell you how much they miss it.

        • ah Shauna that,s fantastic… I wouldn’t worry about the late nights and the iPad.. Im a fan of what ever works!!! sure my girl has become a co sleeper since we gave them up.. sleeping in with me every night.. (daddy some times residing in the back room) but i don,t care as long as the soother is gone.. Im even enjoying the cuddles .. I was laughing at your girl giving it to her teacher herself.. she must be a right little character… keep in tough and let me know how its going.. i love hearing from you x x good luck this week with out it x x j

  3. We have just in the last month managed to get our 3 year old of soothers. Very similar story to yours. The only thing we did differently was a fairy moved into her bedroom to watch over her once soothers were gone. Queen Kate left a message on her locker written on a leaf to say how proud she was of her and fairy sparkle moved in and leaves notes and drawings randomly. Worked a treat no tnntrums and she tells everyone her fairy really is real. Fairy dust on her bed is amazing where fairy sparkle sits watching her at night. I recommend Irish fairy doors as the explaination of fairy and human rules are perfect.

    • ah Edel… you are an amazing mammy.. I love this idea…. just like a real life fairy tale… i love this.. im going to look into the Irish fairy door for def..

  4. I’m so in the same boat with our just turned two year old. She loves her ‘tétine’ and has done from day one pretty much. We were doing pretty well with getting her to give it up during the day up until 6 months ago when her baby brother arrived. Suddenly she was asking for it more and I gave in (part sleep deprivation, part knowing she was going through a tough transition). But it has been unbearable since then. She wants it all the time and whines and whines until she gets it.

    Just this week, we decided to tell her no. That they are now going to sit on the shelf and her teddy (Raymond the Rhino…eeh the things you do!) is going to watch over them till nap and bedtime. Surprisingly after day two she willingly gave it over! Result! I’m now wondering if I go the next step and do a similar ritual to you. She doesn’t quite get fairies but I think she’ll get the idea of giving them away to the babies that need them.

    People are very quick to judge mums who give their babies a dummy and I’ve found it’s usually driven by the baby. Until I had my second baby I thought everyone must have been tougher than me in just riding the cries without one. But I tried giving one to my son when I thought he needed it and he spat it out, every time. He doesn’t even suck his thumb and he’s just a very chilled out baby compared to my eldest. So I’m a firm believer that it’s the child who picks the dummy, not the other way around.

    Thanks for a great read and hang on in there! Xx

    • firstly .. your doing an amazing job!!! I noticed the past few weeks my girl was relying so much on hers so much, it was getting in the way of her playing.. because I said I was only aloud when she’s sleeping.. she kept saying she was tired and wanted to go to bed just so she could get a suck of it.. (my god there so clever) so tonight we are on night 4 and she’s doing fantastic!!! thanks so much for your comment.. and don’t be hard on yourself.. esp with a baby too.. it all takes time x

  5. Awww! We did the same with our okder 4 kids they left them at the fairy door in our hall & the next morning they were gone with a gift in their place. The only advice I would offer is get rid of them all so you won’t be tempted to give in at any stage!!

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