Goodbye Soother update

You may recall that this day last week we said goodbye to “yums” beloved soother, (this is how we did it)

Its been a whole week that we have been soother free (it sounds like an addiction meeting)and I  thought I’d give yougood-buy-soother-3 a wee update on how the week went.

I found that since my girly turned 3 she was getting more and more reliant on her soother and it was starting to get in the way of play time. The Rules were, she only had it at sleep time.  Nap time was cut, so the soother lived in a box in her room for the day. But the clever little madam was starting to manipulate the rule.

She would come to me with a pretend yawn and say “mammy” I so tired. I might have a little suck of my googlega (as she called it) and have a sleep”.  I would give it to her and she would go up lie on her bed.  Pretending to sleep (oscar material). Minutes later she was up there playing away with her toys.  I,d have to go up and pry the googlega of her.  She would be pleading with me just a little suck mammy, please.  There’s me the Disney villain playing tug of war, just to get it off her. (in a sweat) . Phew,  It had to go and I had to stick to my guns.


Monday night

No tears at bedtime, we had our story and she fell asleep without even asking for it. She woke at around 3 o clock in the morning, wanting into my bed. Where she camped for the night, sleeping all night tho. When I got her up for pre-school the next morn, she had a little rummage around the bed for it, but no tears.

Tuesday night

She asked for it before bed and had tears in her eyes. This pulled at the old heart strings. I told her the fairies had them, to give to the babies that needed them.  She said that she wanted them back from the fairies. I told her that if I got her soother back id have to give her Ben and Holly playset back to the fairies (she got this in exchange of the soother)   “ah no mammy, it’s ok .. I don’t need it. She slept all night in her own bed ..  #parenting win

Wednesday night.

..she slept all night and didn’t even ask. Yippee, mission accomplished . well so we thought …

Thursday night

She asked me to show her a picture of her google ga on my phone.. (WTF) em!!!! I don’t have any hun good-bye-soother-4but look at this lovely picture of you putting them in the fairy box. she looked at it.  She slept. it worked. HIGH FIVE.

Friday night

Slept no probs we had a busy day in the park. It was baltic and she played in the sand for hours. I was shivering looking at her. But it seemed to help knock her out at bedtime.. (my glass of red helped warm and knock me out at bedtime too)

Saturday Night

I was at the Blogger conf in town all day and daddy” had to work.  So she had a great day being spoiled with her auntie and cousin. She was full of hugs and kisses at bedtime and I  forgot all about the soother. In bed, she as acting a bit strange. Saying good night mammy and daddy! Nearly pushing us out of her room before story time. Then I clocked, she had her hands behind her back. “What do you have hun?” High pitched singing voice “Nothing Mammy!!!  Show me what you have!!!  She took her hands from behind her back and showed me. There it was, a blinking soother. (ahh jasus) She told me she got it under her bed. I had to take it off her, there was no turning back, just call me Cruella DeVille, My Disney villain status is growing.

She was Okish , almost crying but didn’t . (so brave). We had a huge hug and a story.  She slept all night again without it phew (I felt like crap for missing that one tho) its Saturday night.. more wine…

So there you have it.. an eventful week to say the least, but fingers crossed we are over the worst of it,

stay strong… stay strong,  So how did I do? (besides overlooking the under the bed soother)  Get in touch I love hearing from you x

10 thoughts on “Goodbye Soother update

  1. Well done you!! It took us MONTHS to get our daughters dummy from her, she was almost four before she finally handed it over and it was a nightmare! She still cries for it now, almost a year later, but we sent it to the dummy fairy in exchange for some chocolate!

  2. I’ll be honest, with my eldest daughter it was taken away in a fit of rage. She would only have it at nighttime but one day she crazied all day for it, so I grabbed it walked over to the kitchen bin. Threw it away and said dirty dummy. It that split second I thought I’d never sleep again, however, as she had seen me do it she never once asked me for it.

  3. Well done!! I took my kids dummies away as soon as they turned one and had no problems at all. But on the other hand, my sister tried to do the same and her kids where having no of it

  4. My youngest little boy had his dummy until he was 3 too. It was a similar scenario for us – once the ‘bedtime only’ rules started to be manipulated on a daily basis, I realised it was time to try and ditch the habit!
    Anna x

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