Gaiety school of acting “Confidence Edge course”

Hey Lovelies ,

When I was at school, I loved drama, I was always in the front row of the school choir ( although I didn’t have a note in me head
When it came to drama or reading aloud in class I always had my hand up to be picked first, nerves never were an issue.

I just loved to be on the stage and in the middle of it all.
But somehow along the line something changed, that girl got lost, and through little bouts of stress, anxiety, and confidence knocks through the years she almost disappeared.
I’m hitting 40 next year and the thought of public speaking can put me in a sweat. ( Not ideal when I’m about to hit the media circuit to promote a cookbook )

So instead of letting the fear creep up on me, I decided to take a 5-week confidence building course at the Gaiety school of acting.

On week one I felt Like I want to put on my PJ’s and snuggle up with lils on the sofa, my safe Zone.

I talked myself so many times out of going!  And kept asking myself, What if I don’t fit in? will I be good enough? 

But there was a niggling voice in my head the nudged me out the door.

Ok I so got lost in town trying to find the place ( directions are not my strong point)

and was around 10 minutes late for class

 I joined the class just in time for everyone to introduce themselves. None of the names went in cause I was still in a fluster about being late. 

The class had about 16 students of all ages from all walks of life who were all here for the same reason,

basically, learn the skills to stand up in  a room and own it, whether it be a presentation, interview or book launch (ahem).

Our teacher  Donal Courtney really knew some fancy tricks on breathing and making us feel comfortable, I googled him (sorry Donal) and my god is he equipped for the job, it turns out he actually discovered Michael Fassbender,

So I was in very good hands.

He asked us what we wanted to achieve and tailored the course to everyone’s individual needs.

On week 2 and 3 we played confidence building games and got to know each other different personalities in the class.

We also practiced a simple 3 step introduction and welcome that will kick-start any speech or presentation.

Donal introduced us to the  “Alexander technique” something I’ve been doing 3 times a week since.

The Technique is the holy grail to a lot of actors (ah ha Hollywood’s top secrets right here)

It helps with posture (you are actually taller when you’re finished doing it)

For me, It helps me walk taller, which makes me more confident! it calms me down too when I’m a bit stressed. ( The web is full of youtube videos on it for you fancy looking it up)

on week 4 where we were given a framework to help us build on our very own presentation which we were all going to perform on the last night.

I took everything in,  and soaked it all up like a sponge!

learned skills that I will take with me for life, made friends while being dragged out of my comfort zone and loving every single minute of it.

on the last night, we were all brought to a theatre room to do our presentations, and altho I practiced I was still crapping myself really nervous.

Donel timed us and gave us all induvial constructive feedback, everyone smashed it, and ill be honest I didn’t want to get off the stage!

so here I am!  ready for action

I would totally recommend the Gaiety school of acting!

If you feel you could do with just the right injection of confidence in your life, or just fancy trying something different to get out and meet new people, you can check them out here ,

(The also run summer camps for any little budding actors )

I’m looking up more courses!!! (they,ll not get rid of me)

Jolene x





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