Emma’s Pavlova Made by Ciara

During the summer I had a wee brainwave, I wanted to create a facebook group for home-cooks, a little  A non-judgemental place for us to chat and share recipes and tips from one kitchen to another. It really took off and now has over 2900 members!

One of our girlies Ciara wanted to attempt a pavlova for the first time  ( I call Ciara our very own Nigella 😉 ) The Pavolva suggestions were flying but one stood out in particular. This was from our very own Emma Robb (an expert in pavlovas ) who had some great tips:

   1, Your bowl and beaters must be really clean and leave it to rest before it goes in the oven

2, you also don’t need corn flour or vinegar, just straight egg white and sugar,

3, pile them high and get about 4 inches of Mallow with the meringue crust on the outside.

4, don’t take them off the greaseproof paper I just serve on them

5, When u put the cream on you will hear the cracking and probably have a heart attack but don’t worry it’s grand, just put loads of cream on and decorate with whatever u want ” (Emma Robb 😉 )

Ciara,s results were amazing, we were all egging her on (ahem excuse the pun) she posted some photos and her very first Pavlova was a work of art! With the credit going to our Emma. I love it when a plan comes together, So I asked the girls could I share the recipe with you guys  x


8 eggs (make sure they are really fresh)

440 g caster sugar (55g per egg)

top with whipped fresh cream and mixed berries


Heat oven to 180.

Whisk up the egg whites until light and fluffy.

Add sugar a spoonful at a time, and continue to whisk.

You should be able to hold the mixture above your head when it’s ready but don’t beat for more than 8ish mins or u will get sugar seepage the next day.

Pile onto a lined baking tray.

Shape with a knife.

Leave to rest for 10 mins.

Into oven and turn it down to 130c.

After an hour turn oven off and DO NOT OPEN door.

Take them out after about an hour.

top with fresh whipped cream and your favourite berries


Team work at its finest,  I’m going to give this one a whirl myself, the other half has a huge soft spot of pavlova!

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11 thoughts on “Emma’s Pavlova Made by Ciara

  1. Hi there..a lovely pav you’ve got there..would omitting the cornflour and vinegar in the recipe give the same texture as the regular one? Tq

  2. I made this recipe and it was super easy. Turned out really well! I was grateful for the tips like not to over beat the mixture or sugar leaking would occur, which is what happened to my pav last year.

  3. I’ve been making Pavlova’s for years and last night decided to make another only to discover I’d no cornflour, found this recipe online and definitely will never make it any other way again. Amazing

  4. This is a fab recipe made my first ever pavlova and it was amazing recipe is so simple I was dreading making it but no more I’ve just put my 2nd one in the oven thanks for this recipe I love it

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  6. Thank you for this recipe. I am cooking my pav as I text and had forgotten to put corn flour vinegar and vanilla extract in. I can rest easy it will turn out ok when I serve it to family and friends tomorrow for or late Christmas lunch due to fly in fly out son in law.

  7. Hi, I think you have to cook for the same time, my friend leaves hers in the oven overnight on seriously low heat and hers turn out fab, so dont think time needs to be any less than an hour.

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