8 Easy Picnic Ideas For your Stay-cation

Sunny days are such a rarity in Ireland, with the majority of us planing to holiday at home this summer, wouldn’t it be fantastic just to pack up the family and go exploring when the sun decides to visit (honestly we,ve been stuck in the house long enough)

Sometimes all you need is a bit of a little bit of inspiration and you have the making of a picnic already in the fridge and store cupboard. (right in front of your eyes)

From Rice salad to sausage rolls here are my top 8 easy picnic foods to put together on the run.

Bonus points,  they are tasty enough to rival any deluxe picnic hamper while keeping the cost down!

1, Rice salad  (serves 4)

A simple rice salad is always tasty on the side of a tortilla or mini pizza and so easy to put together.

To make it, all you have to do is boil 400g of any rice  and let it cool

Mix through 1 diced apple (squeeze a little lemon juice on the apple to prevent it from going brown) a handful of raisins, and toasted sliced Almonds.

For the dressing mix one tablespoon of mild curry powder with 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Finish with chopped parsley or coriander if you have it,  that’s optional.

Store in an airtight container.

Another option for this is cold pasta or couscous,

just using whatever you have in, to get you out picnicking sooner


2, Egg fried rice (serves 4)

This is another rice dish that tastes great cold, so its ideal for picnics

You can fling in any veggies you have in already like, onion, carrot, mushroom, green pepper, leave out the chicken if you want,  it’s up to you!   My Egg fried rice  recipe is here

3, Sausage rolls

I always have some ready-rolled puff pastry in the fridge (I just stick to the weekly shop and it costs next to nothing in the budget supermarkets)

For my homemade sausage rolls, I use a mix of pork mince a grated onion, apple, and a sprinkle of sage..

add a tablespoon of pork mixture to cut rectangles of puff pastry, spread it out like a sausage shape, roll and add a brush of beaten egg, cook at 180 c in the oven for 40 mins,

If you don’t have any pork mince in, just skin some regular sausages add it to the pastry and bake the same way as above

4, Fridge tortilla

Made from the contents of the fridge!

fry a chopped onion on a nonstick  pan in a little oil over medium heat,

add some red pepper and a tablespoon of corn, fry for another minute,

chuck in around 100g of  sliced chorizo and some cubed baked potato.. basically whatever you have got in

(I fry the veggies first and then transfer the whole lot to an ovenproof dish, )

when the veggies and chorizo have softened season pour in 6 whisked eggs and sprinkle with some cheese and add some whole cherry tomatoes.

add the pan mixture to a mixing bowl and pour over the whisked eggs, mix and add the whole lot too and ovenproof dish, it’s easier to transport that way

place the ovenproof dish in the oven and bake for 40 to 50 mins at 180c until the egg has set..

slice and devour

5,Rolly polys

These are just bread with the crusts cut off, flattened down and rolled,  the kids just love them,  they can be filled with sweet or savory fillings. our fillings of choice are jam, chocolate spread, tuna sweetcorn and mayo, egg and onion, ham and grated cheese (hard cheese doesn’t roll so well)  you can fill the bread with whatever you want really and just roll

6, Mini flatbread pizzas

I have a really easy pizza dough recipe for these and the can be knocked up in a flash, just make sure they are completely cold before packing My easy recipe is here

7, Simple Caprese salad

This is another one that tastes amazing on the side of fridge tortilla, my advice would be to slice the tomato just before serving.

You will need one large beef tomato that you can slice at the picnic table, a ball of buffalo mozzarella sliced, and 6 fresh basil leaves.

for the dressing just mix a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar (drizzle that at the picnic table too) to assemble just add tomato, basil, mozzarella and repeat 


8, American style pancakes

My easy foolproof pancakes are another one that tastes great cold and are perfect for bulking up any picnic, even make them in mini pancakes for novelty, pack some berries and away you go. You will find my pancake recipe here

So there you have it, my easy picnic ideas..

Hopefully, it will save you from running to the shop on a sunny morning, saving time for the important things in a life-like cuddle,s and feeding cows

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Jolene x


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