Easy Mini Flat bread pizzas

I love a recipe that the kids can get stuck in with, and these easy mini flatbread pizzas are a perfect way to get them cooking. There are only 4 ingredients in the base, so no running around from shop to shop with a huge list, ( I don’t know about you but loads of ingredients in a recipe can just put me off,  digging out a frozen pizza instead!  These are so handy for kiddy parties, playdates or just a rainy Monday like today.  The kids will love making their own base and putting their toppings on, while the grown-ups work the pan.

An added bonus…  because it’s their own creation, the small guys are guaranteed to eat it.

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200 g plain flour
pinch of salt
125 ml,s of warm water
2 tablespoons of olive oil 

1 teaspoon of tomato puree (for each pizza)

a sprinkle of dried (oregano for each pizza)
1 handful  of grated cheddar cheese (for each pizza )
whatever toppings you like pepperoni, green pepper, corn, ham,


Put the flour and salt in a mixing bowl  and add the warm water bit by bit, give a good mix with a spoon

add the oil, flour your hands and get stuck in  kneading the dough

flour a work surface and cut the dough into 4 balls (roll out to make 4 small plate size pizzas ) these pizzas make a good lunch

 cut each of  the 4 dough balls into 3 making 12 mini pizzas altogether (perfect for parties ) 

roll each flatbread, picking it up and turning as you roll. (if you don’t have a rolling pin just use a cling film roll)

heat a frying pan on a high heat

spray the flatbread with olive oil/ fry light.

fry each one for 7 mins each side (they will be lighter in colour with brown spots)

top the flatbread with  tomato puree.. then cheese.. and whatever toppings you like

place under the grill until cheese is melted and toppings are cooked

that,s it… really easy, really quick, super tasty mini pizzas,  Enjoy x







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