Christmas world City-west

A family day out at Christmas world City West

A few years ago we decided with our in-laws,  instead of giving  presents each year we will do a Christmas experience  together (which means spending time with the in-laws , but sure you can’t win them all) She JOKES!!!  Doing this “yum” gets to meet Santa with her big cousins, a heart melting tradition.”Yum” is the youngest of her 3 cousins.  It’s really sweet watching them look out for her (they’re all girls and mini mammy,s ) We decided to hit Christmas world city west, to see what it had to offer to our extended family of 10.

We met up at the main entrance,  the kids bouncing with excitement, (ok uncle D was too) 2 huge Christmas trees and candy canes graced the reception (the perfect props for a photo opportunity ). The aunties  joked at what a pro “yum” was  becoming at posing for photos (the child of a blogger eh..) This  made us really giddy and set the scene for the whole

As the kids burst through doors of Christmas world they were greeted by the most enthusiastic Elves! (practically doing handstands ) We were all  bubbling with excitement ( including the adults). The elves gave us some forms for the main man in the red suit. We wrote things only he would  know, like the names of the girls, their teachers, friends and pets and what they wanted for  Christmas,. We were then led through the Christmas

First stop was the sorting office, it’s here where the magic begins.  The elves are busy sorting all the letters for Santa. The children got letters to post through their favourite coloured post box.  They were then, offered the chance to wear The magic red hat.”yum” was the only one who took up the offer on this occasion,(doesn’t it go well with her red coat)  The rest of the guys including the adults got into the spirit of the experience posting loads of letters. After a rendition of Santa Claus is coming to town ” we were led on to the “clobbers room.   We met Santas clobber and assistant here, The children enjoyed checking the cobbler’s shoes for holes  with a magnifying glass, discovering that Santa wears wooden shoes in his down time. (who knew?)christmas-world-city-west-2

Next stop “The wacky weatherman”. If you thought Martin King was passionate about The weather, he hasn’t a patch on this guy.  He gave us a run down on the Forecast for Christmas eve. The children pointed out Ireland on the huge weather map. His  prediction  of snow this christmas got us all excited. ( his secret method, that all weather people use  of licking their finger and sticking it in the air had us in stitches) christmas-world-3

We met Mrs Claus and dasher next (in my favourite room) Dasher talked and moved his head from side to side ( Just like a Jim Henson creation ).  Mrs Claus was full of Christmas charm, a natural with the children. She finished off our visit with a sing-song of “Rudolph the red nose reindeer”. The girls all sang their little hearts out. (a scene that would melt the grinch)  Next, we met the lumberjack, he needed a bit of help getting a huge carrot out of the ground. (no better woman to give him a hand)christmas-world-city-west-4

A real life fairy appeared (just like magic) and lead us to our next destination. On the way, I decided to stop off and make a call to Santa myself (just to let him know we were on our way) christmas-world-city-west-5

The girls were  in awe of the fairy,  she spent ages talking to them and getting them all to make a wish . She was also accompanied by a pal a huge friendly teddy

I think yum wanted to bring him home, giving him the biggest hug ever. The only way I could peel her off him was to tell her Santa was next!!!


Rat a tat tat.. we all knocked on the door to Santa’s grotto, and waited for it to open. The excitement was  fierce, helped by the build up from all the previous characters we met along our way.  When the door opened “yum” ran over and gave Santa and  a huge hug. (the hugs were flying from her all evening). Santa was attentive and engrossed in what the girls had to say. Knowing all their names , taking his time listening to each request, He was the real Santa, beard and

We all got in for what is now known as our “annual family photo” and finished the evening having the crac on the bumping cars and funfair rides.   We had a great laugh and agreed it was the best kick start to the festive season! Giving us the true magic of Christmas, creating lasting memories from the oldest to the youngest. Beats a pair of socks under the tree any

Disclosure … we received a family pass to Christmas world for the purpose of this review. A special thanks to Envisage photography for a digital copy of our family photo 



4 thoughts on “Christmas world City-west

  1. Ah my god brilliant Jolene u really summed it up its all about making memories I love our Christmas jaunt out its definitely a new tradition set in stone xxxx

  2. Was not great to be honest same toy for kids from Santa they must of just bought 2000 teddy’s for price of 100 the presents should of been wrapped same teddy for every kid I’d imagine and unlike last year as ur usherd out only to find out uve to pay extra 10euro for the photo a real money scam but the kids enjoyed the amusements last year a little better it biyvthat the way its going just want the money buy back it up

    • Ah that’s unfortunate you didn’t enjoy the experience, when I went the presents were wrapped.. we bought 3 photos for 20 Euro which worked out at 7 Euro per family’ which I thought was good.. I couldn’t remember weather the photo was included in the price last year… we went last year too and enjoyed this year more… if you have any suggestions to what would of made your experience better’ just let me know .. I’ll pass them on to Christmas world.. thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment ..

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