Funny Picks & Chick Flicks on Netflix : June Edition

I,d love to say I’m into intelligent movies. You know the one,s you have to concentrate on, with twists and turns in StreamTeamBadgethe plot. Deep and meaning full movies, that stop and make you think about life…  Nope.. Not my thing at all….. let me explain myself.. I mainly watch movies at the weekend, at the weekend I drink wine.. the mix of wine and an intelligent movie puts me to sleep.. “one yummy daddy ” loves a good intelligent movie, (probably because they put me to sleep) 🙂 so we usually take turns in picking what movie to watch on a weekend.. When it’s my choice I will always go for a comedy or a chick flick .. so with that in mind here,s my Funny Picks & Chick Flicks on Netflix this month .


netflix begin againBegin Again :

Mark Ruffalo plays a struggling music label head Dan, who is fond of the ole drink.. and is on the prowl to find the next “big music act” to help rescue his career. After a night binge drinking, he staggers into a bar where Gretta ( Keira Knightley)  is dragged up to sing by her friend (James Corden)… Gretta,s confidence is shot .. due to her failing love life.. but dan sees something pretty special in her.. This movie is funny and heart warming ..  and doesn’t have an obvious soppy ending


netflix the heart break kidThe heartbreak kid:

This is one of Ben stillers funniest and lesser well-known movies. you,ll have a few belly laughs with this one. It’s classic Farrelly brothers, makers of Dumb and dumber and there’s something about Mary.. the story is basically, stiller who has commitment issues gets married on a wim.. and heads on honeymoon . where calamity after calamity happens .. resulting in hilarious consequences


netflix ghostGhost

I don’t think I have to explain the plot to this one. I know you,ve all seen it.. but its such a classic I couldn’t “NOT” have it on the list. Ghost is one of those classic,s you could watch again and again.. movies like this only come around every so often.. so watch it again.. cry.. laugh.. feel all fuzzy and enjoy it x


long before these guys

long before these guys

see no evil hear no evil:

see no evil netflixAnd long before  Owen Wilson and Ben stiller.. Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder were the comedy dream team. If you’re looking for an old school good laugh, your going to love it… I,ll just give you the tagline for the film.. to give you a taster. MURDER!!!! The blind guy couldn’t see it. The deaf guy wouldn’t hear it. Now they,re both wanted for it.


step brothers netflixStep brothers

Will Ferrell play a 40-year-old that stills lives at home with “mammy” and  John c Reilly is 40-year-old living with his dad? Their 2 parents get married.. making them step brothers.. who are forced to move in with each other and share a room.. I love these pair in any movie.. look out for wrestling in their jocks, breaking their bunk beads and basically kicking the crap out of each other, like 40-year-old teenagers .

So next week its “one yummy daddy,s” turn to pick the movie. so I guess I,ll be bate into “to kill a mockingbird!!!” 😉

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV box in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews. All opinions are my own  as always.. 





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  1. I’ve seen three of these movies and I love to watch Netflix on the weekends too! With me though, it depends on my mood. My mood determines what I will watch. I can watch anything from Sci-fi and Horror to brainy or action-packed, LOL!

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