The New kitchen

kitchenWe moved into our home in December 2006.. I was 26 and Dublin was in the middle of a property boom.. I didn’t care about any of that to be honest.. I had a steady job as a preschool teacher and all I ever wanted was to have a little home of my own … A kitchen to cook in, it really  didn’t bother me what it looked like as long at the cooker worked..  The first time I cooked “one yummy daddy ” a chicken dinner he honestly thought it was a fluke… A lucky first attempt.. The cooker was left here from the previous owners and that’s where it has lived for the past 10 years… It never let me down to be honest,  it certainly served its time and altho it was old and battered it still worked.. The biggest problem of our  old kitchen was storage… I would open a cupboard and without fail something would fall  Jump out.. (hard hat needed to make a cup of tea)  a bag of sugar or flour is a right pain in the hole  back side to clean up… every time a cupboard is opened

The old kitchen still produced delicious meals (I still stand by my statement you don’t need a fancy kitchen to cook cooks for bloggood food) Because it was so old it was a haven for arts, crafts and baking for all my lovely little buddy,s that come and visit me every week …   I didn’t mind if it got messed up, because even when it got a good scub.. it still looked the same.. Falling apart.(i promise the new one will also be a haven, we just have to be extra carefulwith the messy stuff). So the time had come (it probably came 3 years ago) to get a new one…. a complete revamp…. And I was “Christmas eve” excited!!!!

We had a tight budget and really needed our money to stretch.. I shopped around and priced almost every kitchen place in Dublin and surrounding areas… I knew exactly what I wanted.. something with a bit of character. I love solid oak (I know most people are going for white and grey these days, but I’ve never been one to follow trends) I was just on the look out for something that will last, with a   homely feel..

When we walked into Cash and Carry Kitchens (on the long mile road Dublin) the lovely sales and kitchen designer (Brian)  made us feel right at ease.. he really knew his stuff and was so obliging… (but not too over the top if you get me)  he sat down with us and designed our dream kitchen right in front of our eyes … he tweaked it around to suit our budget and kitchen size… he gave us a date.. and we paid a deposit.. We used all the builders recommended by them and the fitting was included in the price.. (the fitter Joe was  amazing at his craft, and had the whole thing done in two days ) while I was swanning off with Netflix  in London

So here it is the end result… it really exceeded our expectations.. here’s to the next . em.. i,ll probably have to get 20 years out of this one 🙂

kitchen for blog

no more hard hat!! the larder press

no more hard hat!! The larder press

Get messy have fun One yummy mummy x


(disclaimer I wasn’t paid by cash and carry kitchen,s in any way for the recommendation in this post.. I just honestly thought the whole team went above and beyond for us and where truly great value for money.. They didn’t  know I had a food and parenting  blog  until I tweeted them to thank them..  )


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