Butternut squash and Spinach curry

Hey lovelies

As part of #mealplanmonday👩‍🍳 I wanted to add at least one veggie dish to our weekly menu. By doing this we are cutting the cost of the overall budget while uping our vegetable intake for the week.

So for this week on the plan, I cooked up a delicious butternut squash and spinach curry, it was so tasty I don’t even think my carnivore hubs noticed it was even meat-free!

success in my book x

Butternut squash and Spinach curry


2 cloves of garlic

1 small red onion

1 tablespoon of tomato puree

1 butternut squash

½ green pepper

6 sliced mushrooms

a handful of spinach

300 MLS chicken or veg stock

200 MLS coconut milk

For the spice

2 tablespoons of curry powder ( I use mild)

1 teaspoon of each ( ground)



garlic powder

onion powder

Mixed spice

a pinch of chili powder ( optional)

Method ( you will need a large deep saucepan with lid)

1 crush your garlic, dice onion, and butternut squash, 2, Slice the green pepper and the mushrooms

2, Slice the green pepper and the mushrooms

3, Put your saucepan over a medium heat with a little oil

4, soften onion garlic on the pan

5,, squeeze over your tomato puree and mix

6 sprinkle over curry powder and other spices

7,, mix together adding the diced butternut squash, green pepper and season with a little salt and pepper

7, Add in your sliced mushroom, pour over the stock and coconut milk, stir and put on your lid and simmer for 25 mins

8, finally add a handful of Spinach and let it wilt

9, This curry can be blended to hide the veg for any vegetable phobia smallies (shhh I won’t tell them if you don’t)

10, Scatter a little chili and fresh coriander to serve ( optional )

Join in cook and be part of it, we have a Homecooks facebook group here come and join us x Don’t forget to hashtag your photos #mealplanmonday👩‍🍳 (so they help and inspire our cooking community )

Jolene x

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