I have a lot of beef with the New-year

I have a lot of Beef with the New year!

 The resolutions,

  My first slice of beef I have with the New year.  For the past month, we have been spoonfed advertisements about the perfect Christmas. Wine chocolate and Delux food.  I have eaten the entire contents of the Christmas food shop (and have to finish the rest of the selection boxes before Monday)  Drank my body weight in wine and with that had the consequence of been merry. (hicup.. a little too merry) My jeans are no longer my friend, but sure me and my leggings go back years (they’ve never let me down)  I despise this part of Christmas and the New year. The bit where the special k ads come along and make you feel like crap for letting go and enjoying Christmas. (it’s what the Christmas ads told us to fecking do) 

More beef

My next slice of beef is the sadness I feel about another year being over. I was starting to feel at home in 2016 and now it’s gone. Another year creeping towards 40 doesn’t help, missing people that are no longer with us. The news will remind us of how many legends we lost, making us feel no one is invincible.  Also, happy new year texts, from people whose numbers are on longer saved on my phone, because I got a new one (I will spend the bleeding night trying to figure out who it is, and end up drunk dialling someone who sent a text to everyone on their phone)

There is something about auld lang syne that makes me feel like sitting in a corner and bawling into my shiraz. But honestly, that’s just New years eve!  It will never live up to the excitement and pure magic of Christmas eve. I will wake up on New years day happy and returned to my optimistic self. I promise

 The Actual beef 

Funnily enough, the last bit of beef I have with the new year is Actual beef! (I’m so sick of turkey at this stage)  The cut of beef I like to use is Round roast beef  weighing around 1 kg (this is the basic supermarket cut and costs between 8 to 10 euro) 
You only need a small saucepan for the gravy, and a roasting tin .. the whole lot is cooked in 2 hours including resting time.  (and goes perfect with finishing off the rest of the wine,). It’s a recipe you will use again and again throughout the new year I swear,
 I won’t raise my glass to new beginnings. I raise my glass to you all enjoying the rest of the holidays x ( we will be back into those jeans before we know it until then pass the cheese)beef


1 kg round roast beef (an average supermarket cut)
8 potatoes (i some sometimes us sweet potatoes)

A bunch of fresh rosemary and thyme
2 onion
6 carrots
6 parsnips

2 bulbs of garlic
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1-pint beef stock cube
a teaspoon of cornflour (mixed with a little cold water)


1, Take beef out of all packaging  leave at room temperaturebeef

2, drizzle olive oil and add fresh rosemary and thyme

3,  Put your oven on high… to 220c

 4, Put your peeled veg in the bottom of the roasting tin and spray with olive oil. Place the roast beef on top.and place your potatoes around the joint with the two garlic bulbs

 5. Cook on high for 20 minutes and then reduce the heat to 180c

 Then let the beef cook or another 30 mins for rare.

If you like your beef medium  cook another 50 mins 

 We like it medium /well done so I cook it for another hour and 10 mins .beef

 6. Take out the beef and let it rest for 20 mins (loosely cover with tin foil) put the veg and potatoes on a plate and cover tightly with tin foil to keep warm.. while you make the gravy

Pour all the juices from the roasting tin using a sieve into a saucepan… and any other juice that has come out of your beef and squeeze your garlic bulbs into the saucepan. A garlic puree will come out.

 7 Add a pint of beef stock cube… stir

To thicken add a cornflour paste (2 teaspoons cornflour, 1 teaspoon cold water) and stir again

Here’s to  good roast beef and no resolutions  x 

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