American style pancakes

I love a no fuss pancake recipe, and have been making a lot of pancakes over the summer! It really kills an hour if you’re trying to find something with the kids of an Irish rainy summer morning.

This is a fool-proof fluffy American style pancake recipe, handy if you’re looking to get the kids involved in the cooking because you are guaranteed they will work out!! An added Bonus is the type of pancake you’re ended up with is identical to the shop bought type, and as always you probably have all the ingredients already in the press.

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Jolene x


100 g self-raising flour

25g Caster sugar

125 ml milk

1 egg


Mix the dry ingredients, add the wet, Mix again well.

oil a pan on a medium heat… (use some kitchen paper to spread the oil)

Pour a ladle full, wait for the holes to appear, flip and fry …

That’s it… x

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  1. How do you manage to get the pancakes to be thick? I always end up getting mine to be thick and not cooked in the middle or they end up being too thin.

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