A week in dinners

a week of dinners

A week in dinners is a series, That  Sinead from Bumbles of rice runs every now and again. This is where she shares a week of dinners and invites others to take part.. My thoughts are, if you want to get to know some one, have a peek at what they eat for a week.. So with having a nosy at what we eat for a week , you will see, we enjoy a good curry, love burgers, fresh cod and are partial to the odd potion of chips!!! This at first glance this looks like a heart attack ready to happen, but don’t call the cardio arrest just yet, none is cooked in the conventional fatty way… If you click on each photo you will get the recipe. I enjoy food too much for any of it to be out of bounds .

I get my weekly shop is on a tight budget. I spend around 100 quid in lidl.. and that includes toiletries, cleaning products , nappies and food.. So I don,t fortune,. ( I don,t have it to spend)

It can  take a bit of planning ahead, but you can save a few bob in the long run x

So out with the mug beans and in with the chips! while eating healthy x

Get messy x Have fun x One yummy mummy


On Monday the bottom of the fridge was loaded with veggies, that were on the verge of going off.. I made a huge pot of veggie soup.. We had some for lunch.. and the rest went to “one yummy daddy’s ” lunch at work for 4 days!! just veg soup 2

I go to an exercise class on a Monday night (well this has been my 4th week, I haven’t been doing it years or anything) We had chicken curry when I got back ( the left overs went into the freezer for yum, for when im stuck for a quick-lunch ).. I’ve been using this recipe for years, it’s really handy and always get the ingredients in the weekly shop.. If I ever have kids over I cook them this.. Chicken curry in a hurry


Tuesday is a busy day here.. “Yum always has a few extra buddy’s around. This week we had “Spag Boll” .. I know Every one has their own recipe for this.. This one has never let me down .. .. boll blog 2loaded with veggies,  the Parmesan cheese give it a sweetness that the kids love … This is another regular on the menu .. If it’s not broken don’t fix it, that’s what i say.


We have our little mother and toddler group this morning.. So lunch is always a something quick and handy.. carbonara fits the bill, when we want something good fast .. it takes around 20 mins to make from start to finish.. But sometimes can take quite a while to eat.. as “yum” slurps up every individual piece of spaghetti… (deep breaths) 😉carbonara


Fresh cod and chips! I really try to make fish at least once a week.. Yum isn’t a fan of fish, One yummy daddy isn’t a fan of fishy fish, (when i,m eating out I will order fish, I love it ) I buy fresh cod pieces and crumb it myself.. This is the fish dish every one in the family will eat.. It takes a little a bit of prep, but it’s really worth the effort.
fresh cod and chips


slimming world chicken

It’s the weekend!! Yum had a really handy dinner of chicken noodles earlier. Friday night is “mammy and daddy,s night, I like to cook something nice to help wash down the wine .. this week it was Jamaican chicken, It was very spicy (extra wine needed 😉 ) … This is another one that,s “free” for any one doing slimming world.. (Save the syns for the wine that,s my motto.. ) Any one not doing Slimming world (like one yummy daddy) It’s just a dam good chicken dinner, x


We were out and about today.. another handy lunch of  beef goulash  beef goulash for children from the freezer for “yum” (which I batched cooked a few weeks ago) The adults Order Chinese takeaway on a Saturday night (treat night).. One yummy Daddy went all out and had Chicken balls, chips and curry (so that kinda canceled out the slimming world dinner for him last night).. I had beef in black bean sauce and boiled rice.. washed down with a nice bottle of red (lidl,s Shiraz at 6 quid per bottle) Another bargain x


I usually cook a roast on Sunday,s.. but we were out and about having a nosy around the shops.. I had a longing for burgers and chips, so that,s what we had.. yum loves this dinner (she gobbles the burgers whole) and it’s another one that,s free on slimming world x

yum buger
beef burger 2

So there you have it.. A week of dinners in the “yummy house hold” without a chick pea or mug bean in site…








a week in dinners



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  1. Your meals look great! We do a massive monthly shop at Lidle too and do top-ups at the Coop which is near us. I used to plan our meals like you do, but have stopped doing them. You’ve just reminded me on how convenient they are to have planned meals 😉 x

  2. I would happily eat everything you made! The breaded fish looks amazing! I love your presentation. Carbonara is my outright favourite dish though. Also shop in Lidl but been a bit disappointed with their fruit and veg this week – loads of it has turned really quickly.

  3. I think I need to come over to your house and be fed!! I love the idea of the carbonara (im not a fish eater either ! ) but the rest looks delicious!!

  4. A good mix of meals. I love carbonara but have never actually made it before myself. (Not sure if it’s meant to do it, but I can’t read your comments because when I scroll down to them, your background/header covers them up)

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