9 things I said I,d Never do as a Mum

I worked in a crèche for 10 years, in every room, right up to being the manager. On Wednesday morning, I left “yum” bawling her head off in preschool, she was shouting, I’m going to really miss you “mammy” and I had to leave her and walk out the door. I went home, made a strong coffee and then the floodgates opened. I know she will be fine cause I’ve seen it down through the years. I’ve been that preschool teacher reassuring a parent and telling them to go. I actually hovered around the window for a minute (my god the parents hovering around the window used to drive me nuts when I was in the Creche) Just go! So this got me thinking about, how, I was such a perfect mother before I had kids! And all things I said I,d never do (or would definitely do) as a mother before I was a mother.

1, I will definitely breastfeed

As soon as I got those two lines on the pregnancy test I was so adamant about breastfeeding. I even teamed up with a breastfeeding buddy in the area and bought nursing bras, nipple shields and didn’t buy one bottle or steriliser. It didnt work out like that. ( here ,s what happened) I was discharged late in the evening when it was time to go home from the hospital. I remember standing in a late night pharmacy buying bottles and looking at sterilisers. The shop assistant had a little joke at my organisational skills when I told her the baby was due a feed in an hour and I had no bottles. We ended up buying a steriliser which even came with a free soother, but we won’t be needing the that.

2, No soother

So I think yum was home 3 days in total, (now in fairness), she was a “good baby” but was getting a bit grizzly. You just hate hearing that little squeaky cry, .  The way a mother is wired, it really gets in, pierces the heart.  Once you hear that, it’s just in our bones to sooth it and make it stop. So when hubs produced the soother, I thought it was worth a shot! and by god did it work, her love affair with her “google ga” (as she called it) was born.

3, No sleeping in our bed

Now, she didn’t set up camp in our bed until she was almost 3! When we eventually got rid of the soother , that’s when she moved into the big bed permanently.  Very quickly I became the soother, if she wakes with a night terror, one snuggle off me and she knocked out again.  Now I’m actually putting her to Bed in my bed! I know, I know! My pre-child perfect parent would be just horrified!

 4, stick to a routine

ok, this went straight out the window during the summer! We were out all day like real vagabonds, packing a picnic and eating when we were hungry, not being home some evenings until the street lights were lit.   Summers in Ireland don’t last too long and normality has resumed now its back to preschool. So we enjoyed every minute of it.

5, limit screen time

ha ha. She has a tablet and knows her way around Netflix like a pro. So let’s just say “everything in moderation”…

6, No running wild in the supermarket

Good behaviour is important, isn’t it! But some days you just have to honestly turn a blind eye (or you would drive yourself insane giving out all the time). She loves wheeling the basket in the supermarket and tends to slip in random items from time to time. Like the day I found a confit leg of duck and 2 packs of condoms at the till in Lidl. I was morto handing them back to the lad at the counter, while he’s shouting at me in broken English “you not need these, you sure?

7, Be the last parent at pickup

yep, this happens a lot! she’s in preschool for only 3 hours tho! and they just fly in.  I’ve started to do the supermarket shop when she’s there (to save my blushes) I’ve actually on a few occasions just thrown the bags in the door and had to leg it up the road like a mad woman.

8, Bribery

It’s more like negotiations.  “Honestly” Something along the lines of “put on your shoes hun” and you will get a glittery sticker. ahh, nuts!!!! who am I trying to kid!  Yes, I’ve bribed her with lollipops and Ice cream and Yes it works, Sometimes  (moving on)

9, Give in to demands

ah I’ve a classic example of the shape of a unicorn here! I popped into the shops for chicken breasts last week. She spotted the unicorn and just fell in love with it, I said NO at first… she said preeeeeeeeeeese Mammy..  I caved and fell for it hook line and sinker.


The perfect parent?  is there such a thing?  We are all trying our best,  in it together, sure that’s the main thing

(and doesn’t she look happy )

Jolene X

5 thoughts on “9 things I said I,d Never do as a Mum

  1. Love this. I did one on my own many turnarounds a while ago called, “lighten up, be a bad mother and reap the rewards”
    I so agree, we all do our best and before we have children have no idea of what it feels like to be exhausted or so in love and besotted. Nor do we know that you don’t have to win every battle. In the end most children grow up to be lovely adults.

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